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I find myself not drinking enough water, does this happen to you?

Hi guys I woke up right it's 2 in the morning where I'm at. And I woke up to extreme thirst and my eyes were really dry, I went to sleep with a headache and I still have it :( I realized that earlier in the day I had only drank 2 cups of water and the rest were caffeine drinks or sugary drinks I had a high intake of salt to bad I know. But then it got me thinking that's about it I probably have the most about 4 cups of water a day. I avoid it since for some reason when I drink water I seem to gulp it down and it makes me feel like I'm drowning :( right now even though I just drank 2 glasses of water my throat feels dry. Is it my anxiety or did I cause damage to my own body? I am really scared right now :/

~<3 yaz

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Hi there,

I tend to drink a coffee in the morning and drink herbal teas during the day.

You should drink plenty during the day as not only does it cause havoc with your anxiety but headaches are a sure sign of dehydration.

Try and keep a bottle of water with you at all times.

Hope you feel better.


Thank you yummimummi,

I have been carrying a bottle with me today so far so good.


Does it really make anxiety a lil more troublesome?


I don't drink nearly enough water,and do get headachey.When I take on water I feel better,Dehydration can make you feel awful and that makes the anxiety worse.So as yummi says keep a bottle with you always and sip from it,I do try but dont always succeed xxx


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