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How can I stop this getting worse !!

Ok so I have been suffering with anxiety for about 4 months now. It started that i was overly anxious about my childrens health if they got a cold id be concerned it was something more serious , then came the random panic attacks , the chest pains the tightness in my throat , and now I am worried that I may have a serious health problem . People have been commenting on how much weight I have lost and I havnt even been trying. Infact I am a bit of a comfort eater and lately have been eating nothing but rubbish. Silly me Google it n all sorts came up.

Im conerned at how much this anxiety is taking hold of me. I am on a waiting list for CBT but have been advised it could be another 6 months before I get seen . Have tried meds in the past and theybjust made me worse . HOW CAN I STOP THIS BEFORE IT GETS ANY WORSE ?

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well you may want to look into the natural approach and try some supplements i spent a long time online trying to find stuff for my depression and anxiety issues and found a big difference with using cod liver oil and plenty of exercise.

so it may pay you to sit down and use books and google to help find the resolve to your problems so good luck


Hi loopsyloo,

Your the same as me,i suffer with health anxiety,i always worry about my daughter,think thats what triggered my anxiety off,i cant have meds as they made me feel worse,cbt is good and claire weekes books,ive had numerous ecg's and blood tests and they came back clear,i would advise you to get one of them books,they saved me and touch wood im on the mend xx


Hi loopsyloo

Sorry you are having a rubbish time. I became Ill last year and like you the weight started to fall off even though i was eating loads and I was constantly checking on my kids even on holiday. It escalated beyond my control until I was really ill. What meds have you tried? Sometimes you have to try different ones and they all take time to work and can make you feel worse initially. I would urge you to talk to your doctor please don't suffer like this. I'm on mirtazapine and after the initial side effects I feel like I have my life back. I'm having counselling too. Please keep your cbt appointment and open up as much as you can there are some good therapies available now take care Hun x


I feel for you, this is one of my many worries, about my kids especially as babies.

I have ended up paying for counselling to avoid a wait. I thought it would be v pricey but the counsellor who was recommended by my GP charged just £25 a session (an hour). As much as I feel the NHS should pay for this I was just too desperate to wait until they got round to it as it was wrecking my life.

Might also be worth checking out BUPA or similar to see if a pre-existing anxiety condition is excluded from future claims, as this is another way to keep down the cost of going private.

Yes, I resent paying, but it is helping me sooner than the NHS would have. Also - you can have more than the measly 6 sessions you get on the NHS.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for all you kind advise . I helps just to know that im not the only one who feels like this. Although ny husband tries he rly cnt understand . I have made a apt with my GP for next week and ordered a claire weeks book :-). Will also look into private CBT. I really need to get this under control before it gets worse.


CBT is available through AnxietyUK. yes, you do have to pay for it but level of payment depends on household income. a lso it can be arranged within about 2 weeks. in person or over the telephone.


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