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Anxiety state

I suffered from panic and anxiety in 2012 I didn't leave my house for about 2 months until my head starting thinking positive one day and I over come it I went on holiday by myself for the first time with my friend and since when I got back the panic came back august 2013 - I have been suffering since but it's getting worse , I am currently having an aniexty attack feeling like there's no air constant dizziness I know nothing's wrong with me and it's just aniexty but I feel like I'm dying its so scary

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Hi Temstarx, I know exactly how you feel. Have you seen GP?

I always find that night time is the worst as no one about to talk to and my mind seems to be at its most active which is far from ideal! Just woke up feeling very anxious and worries about my chest. It is a horrible horrible feeling and exhausting to!

I know I can get through it as I did last year so have to stay strong! Hope to get back to sleep soon and I am sure if you persevere you will see things pick up. X


Hello Temstarx

Once in life i had suffered from panic disorder...i thought that that was my last time in this earth but being a med, student i later realised it is just over functioning of autonomic fibres. Even when it comes i develop a confidence that it wont do any harm to me .thanks god it worked. i suggest u try to perform some relaxtation technique to be free from anxiety and stress. it will help,,


Try the headspace app , you get a ten day free trial ,

You can get it on your phone apps, or via your pc, or on amazon.

It will help you breath properly etc .



Sorry your anxiety has returned. May I congratulate on overcoming once before, and even going on holiday. Sometimes I feel we need the strength to do 'normal things' i.e. outings, holidays and when we return to normality it takes it toll.

You have conquered it before and I am sure you will again.

Eunice xx


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