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Normal for anxiety?

Does anyone else get back pain that affects their arm, or feel weird twinges or sharp pains in any part of their body that goes before you can complain but create fear?

Also do you find symptoms worse the more you think about them as apparently that can happen!

Im always in fear its like a heart attack but 16 and been told my heart is fine :/

Hope you all slept well xx

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I get muscle pain and sometimes an arm or leg twitches like mad. It can make me scared of what's going on but it's just my body being a pain and I try not to think about it (easier said than done!)


Just like me! Good to know im not alone its a pain :(!



Yes I frequently get stabbing pains it could be anywhere but they don't last long enough to worry me.If you think about your symptoms they will always get worse the best thing to do is find something to distract you or do something you enjoy.



Thankyou! Glad to know its not just me :/!x


Yes ,I have them all the time even though the docs say I'm fine. Your not alone.


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