New Year's Eve anxiety

New Year's Eve anxiety

I had a wonderful day! Now laying here waiting until midnight i had an instant spike in heart rate that had me jumping up and putting my shoes on!! I can't explain the immediate fear and the need to run. Thank God it only lasted a few moments but now I'm fighting the fear of it happening again. Subconsciously checking out and evaluating every physical symptom. I did notice prior to the feeling I had heartburn so I took some pepto.


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5 Replies

  • Nice photo! I hope your new year went well despite the anxiety! x i fully understand what you mean about the fear; its awful isn't it.

  • Yes it is awful. Thank you for your reply. How long have you suffered with anxiety?

  • Just try to stay calm and focus on something else :)! If you do so for a couple of days

    The feeling will go away on its own!

  • It does go away, just wish it would stay away.

  • How long did your symptoms stay??

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