Anyone taking natural herbs to help their anxiety I do not want to take any prescription medications

I had a bad reaction to Lexapro and I do not want to take any prescription medications again I'm trying to go the natural way but I'm so overwhelmed I don't know what will be best to take any advice? I've tried valerian and magnesium both make me so sleepy I can only take them at night


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  • I take LTheanine. I take 200mg each night and if I feel anxious during the day I take one with taurine I believe it is. Sorry I am in bed right now but wanted to

    Answer you. I took a melatonin pill to see if that will work for my insomnia. I am like you I like to go natural. I have been on sleeping pills and I think they contribute toy anxiety. So I trying natural methods to sleep and help the anxiety. Good luck and keep us informed of how you are doing. Oh, I also do audio meditation and eft tapping. Search Anxiety Slayer those ladies are wonderful. Good night. Blessings!

  • Passionflower is great. It has been proven to be as effective as Oxazepam but is perfectly safe and non-addictive (unlike benzos). If you are having problems sleeping, then Passionflower combined with Lemonbalm or California Poppy work like a gentle sleeping pill for me, with no morning hangover. iHerb is one of my favourite sources for herbs and supplements.They are located in the USA, but shipping is quick and cheap. I also take Vit B complex & magnesium.

  • Morning

    I take natural kalms and these seem to take the edge of my anxiety, also when things get tough I take the rescue remedy. You can get them in any chemist or health food shop.

    Gardener x

  • I've seen a lot of ppl mention the rescue remedy do you know whats in it and is it safe to use with other meds :) xx

  • hi mimii, I think it always best to ask your doctor or chemist as I am not sure to be honest.

  • Hi gardener got some of the rescue remedy pastilles to try, will have to check about other meds was going to ask at pharmacy counter but there was long queue, got to get prescription tomorrow will ask then :) xx

  • St John's Wort has been used widely for anxiety/depression - I've taken it for years and a friend came off all prescription drugs a few years ago as she reacted badly to most of them and her anxiety is well under control now.

    Hope this helps - never take them alongside anxiety drugs without consulting doctor, it's a case of either or!

    Hope this helps. These won't make you sleepy BTW

  • I read that jasmine oil is as effective as valium ........its an essential oil not something you would take have not tried it myself & aconite I think you can get in pill form its all trial & error I guess, personally nothing works on my anxiety like valium aka diazepam as bad & habit forming as it is

  • I also take kalms , day time ones, they do a night time ,pill as well

    I have just one cup of coffee, in the morning, with fruit or breakfast biscuits ,and after that when im thirsty I only drink peppermint tea ,,, theres no caffeine it that.

    I haven't tried the rescue remedy yet, but there are lots of people on this site who use that one.

    It all depends which part of the world you live in I suppose ?.

    I know the kalms pills have valerian in them which is a mild sedative I think .

    The peppermint eases my stomach and is relaxing.

    Most of us on the site are using mindfulness apps for meditation ,,, try headspace. you can get it on your phone.



  • Thank you guys I thought about 5 htp or st John's wort I just love being in the sun and I'm scared I won't be able to with the st johns wort I don't have trouble sleeping now I take my magnesium and drink a herbal tea before bed I'm just looking for something that won't make me tired during the day everything I've tried so far does I do have, rescue remedy it seems to relax me when I'm anxious I'm just scared this is leading to a little depression because, here lately I haven't felt any energy or felt like leaving the couch which isn't good considering I have a 3 year old I just need, a pick me up during the day I do take b vitamin complex 125 I think I got too high a, dose so I separate it into thirds I think I'm gonna try half today see if that helps my energy levels

  • Hi, Just wondered I have a Autoimmune Thyroid prob and Ive haerd you cant take St Johns wort if you have thyroid probs does anyone know if this is true?



  • Hi you are on the same mind as me.been looking for a natural remedy for anxiety and mild depression for you I sleep well,but usually waken up with the butterflies in my tummy...Have you tried rhodiola rosea,there are good reports about this..I take rescue remedy during the can take this with other does take the edge off..5htp has good reports too.also st johns GP told me to try st johns wort,and im taking xanax,but she said there shouldn.t be a problem if I take them 2 hours apart...havan.t started them yet,as im for hols in mid May and afraid to chance them,as like you I love the sun...if you find anything please let us Miarose xxxx

  • I've just been nervous to try anything new because of the Lexapro it's hard for me to take aleve for a headache now since then but if I don't try it I won't know I'm gonna try 600 MG a day st johns wort and see how that does I'm starting today so we will see I'm panicking thinking about taking it..

  • I can understand why you don't want to try more ADs. However it is perhaps unlikely that you would suffer a reaction from a different one, maybe a more commonly used one? Fluoxetine (if that's how it's spelt, which is Prozac I think) and Citalopram are quite common. Before I even knew I had anxiety I took Kalms to help me when I was really nervous about things (exams at uni and my driving test) and they seemed to make all the difference. The only thing is you need to take two four times a day which is a pain and it's easy to forget and you need to but them every two weeks so it runs up a bill. However, I feel they did help. It may have been a placebo effect but at the end of the day that doesn't matter if you feel better while taking them. Good luck x

  • Hi landonsmom I have stopped drinking coffee ...I have always had strong coffee but recently swapped to camomile tea...I am amazed how much better I feel....I have often seen peeps on here suggesting giving up coffee but it really really works...and I am sleeping better at night...

  • I only drink a half cup in the morning of coffee it is helping I tried st johns wort and I didn't like the way it made me feel I just started l theanine yesterday so far it's helping some I've just got to try some different things until I find what works best for me it's just so frustrating I just want to feel better already everything I try that works for other people doesn't work for me or it makes me feel weird and then my mind starts saying its not anxiety its something else and the Dr's are missing it...

  • If you google xanax you will find you shouldnt take it with st johns wort as is the case with a lot of anti depressants benzos and pain killers

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