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Does anyone not understand their anxiety/depression?

I feel like sometimes I really don't understand it. I don't know my triggers or I'm not aware of a lot of things going on in my head. There's a girl I know who is a lot more vocal about her problems and she just seems to know so much more about herself and it makes me a bit jealous to be honest! How does everyone else deal with it? Doe therapy open you up to these things?

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Hi sara:  Years of therapy helps not only in the moment but long term.  It helps you come to grips with what is happening both mentally and physically when under anxiety.   It is not a quick fix by any means.  It's like going to school, it's a learning process but also a practicing process as well.  Being just book trained does not help unless you are willing to do the exercises.  You can do it too  :)


Does it really help in understanding what's going on? I've had therapy booked and cancelled so many times because I'm scared I'll break down infront of someone! 


And that's okay.  Practically all my sessions with my therapist have entailed a lot of crying, a release.  Not only that but it took time for the therapy to sink in to allow my mind to absorb what she was saying. It is important to understand your anxiety so that as you get more knowledgeable you will be able to control it better.  Not cope, but control.  Unless you know what you are dealing with, it's pretty hard to have a game plan.  I think a lot of people, including myself thought that meds were the answer, they would fix my problem.  It wasn't until I got off the meds that I knew I needed to fix what was wrong by all that I learned.   Please reconsider booking and keeping your appointment with a therapist.  You may not feel comfortable the first time but as you see that she/he truly understands your fears, you will relax more.  I wish you well in taking a step towards healing.   x


I would like to ask a personal do not have to can y ou afford these therapy sessions?  My insurance does not cover it and it's a little much for my budget

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Hi Roma, I have been blessed in finding a therapist who calls me back immediately, always makes time for me, does phone therapy, have used her 1-5 times a week at the beginning and the most important is that she accepts whatever my insurance pays and never bills me for my portion.  x


I've dug around, and thought it was interesting that so many have blogged about having the same sensations I have.  Our triggers, feelings, and overall thoughts may be different but we all seem to have about the same waves of panic, hypochondriac, and overall despondent responses to anxiety. Figuring ourselves out can be a challenge, our minds are funny and still parts of it are still a mystery to science.  There can be numerous things that trouble us on any given day, it's just how we deal with it that becomes a challenge.  Keep a journal of how your feeling.  Record whatever prompts your anxiety. It may help give you an idea or a pattern as to what is causing it. I've only talked to a therapist once so I can't say for certain how helpful that will be to you, but it wouldn't hurt, it is their area of study.


Hi I will talk to anyone who will listen about symptoms and anxiety I think those that don't suffer have probably had enough of me off loading on them and those that suffer I worry that I make them worse. Either way I wonder if talking helps or whether it just reinforces the hold anxiety has on us. I have started cbt and the therapist is nice bit like previous counselling we still have not found the route of my anxiety like you u have no idea what my triggers are or where it comes from. 

Here's hoping we all get some relief soon  


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