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About to give up. Anyone experience this??

Woke up seeing a black non moving spot in my right eye then it moved up now when I look up I see the black spot. My cheek on that side has pressure and is a little red what can it b everyday I have something to freak out about. My right leg was bugging me the whole night and I wake up to this. Why? Why can't I just be normal

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Hi Hypoc.

The black dot you see is quite possibly a piece of debris and really nothing to worry about. It sounds like your anxiety is playing with your mind, try and relax and do something to distract you.

Take care Kenny


Thank you Kenny for answering,

I don't think it was debris I checked my eye there was nothing I made all these movements with my face my eye then started leaking and then nothing but I still have pressure on my check bone and nose feels like sinus pressure. The eye thing just freaked me out I fell asleep last night thinking stupid stuff because of my leg pain so to wake up feeling this kind of coincided with what I was thinking during the night. For sure I know it was not debris I had a stye before and it was like what u see on eye lid that bump. But only when I looked up.


Kenny meant debris IN your eye not outside. if you must worry worry about something ese


Anxiety symptoms - Eye tricks, seeing things, stars

Eye tricks, seeing things, stars: You may see stars or movements out of the corner of your eyes that don't exist. You may also see flashing lights in your eyes or your vision may seem almost kaleidoscope-like. Sometimes you may feel that there is a dark object or something just on the outside edge of your vision, or that your vision is narrowing.

Hi there...I've lived with GAD most of my life and anxiety can cause the most bizarre of symptoms, I know you've probably heard this before but acceptance is the key factor to the symptoms diminishing and not getting a hold of you..When I get up on a morning after sometimes having a fabulous few days or weeks even and wallop ive a few anxiety symptoms that have appeared out of know where, normally because Ive been giving myself a hard time and doing too much, I tend to say out loud which my oh/kids find amusing by the way "right I know what this is, its a test, sending me weird symptoms, well Im not scared so your wasting your time and just go away", im saying this like its easy, but believe me I know how hard it can be...Ive kept an anxiety journal for years and write down the weird and wonderful things that the body does, you then have this to refer back to when having a bad day and you will know you got by then and you will again...Take care deecey x


Thanks for this. My major HA is to do with my vision. V stressful especially as I have migraines with auras. It really helped to see yr list of weird and wonderful things and be reassured it really can be my HA distracting me :O


Hi Deecey

Thank you I do something similar when I go thru a panic attack remind myself that I've been thru this before and i came out ok.

The writing everything down is a brilliant idea thank you I'll try that out.

My eyesight is just off lately I don't know what's going on if anything I'm resting more now that I have this issue with my eye then before so it is scarring me

Thank you for reply



Hi sounds like you have health anxiety . The black dot you see is a floater and everyone gets them. My guess is if you look to the right or left it will move with you. I am 62 and have suffered panic anxiety over 35 yrs including health anxiety. Am still alive and kicking lol. I now control my panics following CBT. Good luck and get on with living a happy long life


The black dot you see could be what is called an ocular migraine. You mentioned sinus pressure. Ocular migraines can be caused by pressure on the ocular nerve as well as just by stress and anxiety. Most often I get them when I have a sinus infection, but sometimes just when I'm under extreme stress from school. If it is stress, then work to calm yourself and take a nap, it generally clears with peaceful rest. If it is sinus, then you may need medical assistance to get it under control. Sinuses can also be helped by increasing water intake and rest. I hope this may help!


you are fine most people have these spots just enjoy ife


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