I cannot stop freaking out due to this anxiety. I missed work today cause I had a panic attack, feeling low as low can get. My meds help

Me sleep at night but they do nothing fora panic attack. II'm still shaking and I just feel worthless.somethings got to change, I feel like I'm going to have a nervous breakdown. My boyfriend keepstelling me to suck it up, iit's all in my head. This is not all in my head.


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  • Hello how long have u been on ur tablets? As a lot of them take up to a month to work. If uve been on them longer maybe go and c ur gp again and get them changed. Wen I was taking mine ( fluoxetine ) after a month my panic attacks more or less disappeared. I had them day after day and more then once. Like u I thought I was having a nervous breakdown and was in the doctors most days telling him I was going mad. Untill my medication finally kicked in. The panic attacks was very rare and was nuthing compared to how they was. It is in our heads/minds but untill u suffer urself people don't realise how bad it makes u feel. Hope u start feeling better soon x

  • I have been on ativan twice a day. I try not to take it everyday, I had taken it this morning when I realized I was having a panic attack, but it hasn't ever helped me with those. It keeps most of my anxiety hidden, but not those. It is so scary when u have one. That was this morning and I'm still shaking. Anxiety is so horrible. Thanks for responding. It makes me feel better to know there are many who suffer from anxiety

  • I don't think its all in your head scaredlin, ive been told the same from friends and family and we can't help the way we feel can we?? We are the first people who would love to wave a magic wand and feel "normal" again or even just go a few weeks in my case where im not worrying, panicking and feeling stressed about things. Please don't feel worthless the people around you love you they just don't understand how you feel at times as they have never felt like this. i go weeks when i feel great and feel like im turning a corner then all of a sudden the feelings of pointlessness, lethargic, panic, fear and worry return and i try my best to feel like its just a blip. It takes a lot of energy sometimes but at these times just try and imagine what it felt like the last time you laughed your head off at something or you had a really nice comment from someone or even when you last felt totally chilled and think about how you felt. this works for me most times as lifts my mood and the the key thing it also distracts me from the thoughts i am having. Give it a go we all have little things that work for us.

    Bunnyhop :-)

  • Thanks bunnyhop. I felt like u described exactly how I feel. I would so love to just be normal again. I too, can be fine for a couple of days and then there it comes full force. So terrifying, I don't want to always live like this.

  • Not everyone feels like meditation can work for them. I think that you may really be surprised if you gave it a try. I've been working with Edita Atteck and she changed my life. I still have a lot of work to do but it has helped immensely.

  • Hey,

    Most of us on here have or still are in the place where you are now. It's not in your head and your not alone. Everyone of us knows those thoughts and feelings. Stay strong and stay positive because you will get though this.

    This will be extremely difficult for your boyfriend to understand, but if cares he will hold your hand when you need it the most.

    Go back to your doctor and be complety honest with him/her. Ask about different medication and CBT or counselling. Both are proven to help you accept abd deal with your anxiety.

    Remember, your not alone and you will get though this :-)

  • Thank u. This is such a supportive group of people. It makes me feel better to know how many people deal with this everyday. I don't feel quite so alone reading on here.

  • Your welcome.

    I found knowing that I was not alone really helped me start to recover I also started to speak more openly about my condition on Facebook and I was shocked my the amount of friends who responded saying they were also suffering from mental health. The more I spoke about it, the better I understood it and the better I become. However I still needed professional help. I was at my worse around October last year and now I'm a lot better. I can stop any panic attacks coming and relax my mind and my body.

    I've added this link which I use to help explain anxiety to other people who don't understand it. Don't be to hard on those who don't get it. I've found the only people who truly understand are those who have been though it.


  • Hiya I know exactly how u feel, a lot of it is control of the brain, I take really bad panic attacks go to ilovepanicattacks.com watch the videos very helpful to me my anxiety hits the roof a lot I always just take a diazepam 5mg it works to calm u down ask your doc, it's a horrible way to live with all that anxiety, I feel for u hope this helps :-) Anne keep smiling :-)

  • Thank u, I will have to check that out

  • I know how you feel! Anxiety and panic attacks are awful. I think it's impossible to get people who haven't had a panic attack to understand it. Before I'd had one I hadn't even heard of them and when I did I just had no idea what happened until my doctor told me. One thing I find that helps is taking Valerian tablets when my anxiety is really bad (giving me physical symptoms like nausea or headaches, or making me feel on edge or frightened) or when I can feel a panic attack coming on or I can't sleep because my thoughts are racing. I take Vitabiotics Valerian tablets 400mg which you can get from Holland and Barrett. I try to only take them when my anxiety is really bad though, rather than every day, because it's herbal so I'm worried my body may become adjusted to it. Worth a try :)

  • may i ask how old you are yes it makes a difference Panic attacks are at one end of the spectrum feeling down and worthless at the opposite end. All your feelings are in your head that's why they are called feelings and you are entitled to have all of them

    best to write them down then you can look back and also helps gp diagnose,also don't bandy panic attacks around a real one requires an ambulance at least the first few times,then you may be taught how to manage them.Hope thing improve for you.

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