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Can anyone help me to get rid of severe anxiety & panic attack ?

hi, i have a very differrent preesure in the left side of head. Its not exactly headache but only a pressure in the top of brain & it goes to bridge of nose.I can not sit still & work infront of computer, when i concentrate i feel more anxiety & panic. While walking i feel imbalanced. All the time i feel dizziness & tired. I have experienced many panic attacks which are really horrible. I tried different medicines but didnot work. The only medicine that is working is Clonazepam 0.5. But its effects lasts only fo few hours e.g 7-8 hours & its a temporary medicine. Now my doctor has suggested DAXID 50. Can anyone tell me if this is a good SSRI to continue ?

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HI Love

I don't think any of us can tell you that you are on the right medication. I was on Citalopram for Panic Attacks several years ago and did not feel much relief. I have just weaned off sertraline after 7 months of taking them but a friend of mine has been kept on them for many years.

As for you feeling unbalanced when walking and having the pressure pain in your head, these are all symptoms of Anxiety. Have you had any information on what and why we get the symptoms and feelings we do when we have Panic Attacks. Its helpful to know that Panic Attacks CAN NOT harm us terrifying as they may seem.

Your GP would have looked at all aspects of your Health before prescribing you medication. Sertraline is a great SSRI but is not usually prescribed for someone who has had suicidal thoughts.

Only your GP can guide you ,

However if you feel you are having side effects from your medication Please ask other friends on this site if they are experiencing the same.

Lots of great advice from wonderful people



Thanks for your reply. I am feeling somehow strong when anybody tells me as panic attack cannot harm us. but really its a horrible experience & it distrurbs the whole day & activities. Just want to know if it could be due to any brain chemical imbalance / any severe disease. As i more think about if i hv any disease i get more panic. I experience a deep pressure in my head & feel like going crazy, little nausea & choking inside. It all started 2 years back and that time i couldnot realise its anxiety & i thought some kind of vertigo due to sinus / may be brain tumor. but after CT scan & MRI , it all came normal but till that time my anxiety has gone to pick level. i went thru series of blood tests. everything came normal except maxilliary sinus infection. After that doctor told its due to stress / silent migraine / anxiety & panic disorder. From last 2 years its killing my day to day activities , my career etc, etc. Donot know how to deal with it. How i will get a complete cure. !!!


Hi Finance

I m sorry u have to deal with those horrible attacks!!I had them lots of times and the horribles ones ad well!!If I was u I would keep trying to find the right meds that work for you..sometimes takes long time.or go to a specialist,u can t carry on like this..need to do something about it.have u done some cognitive behaviour therapy?U might find it helpfull.

Take care


Hi Train80, thanks for your info. Till nw i hvnot tried CBT. heard that its very effective. But i am thinking that as my sypmtoms are 75% physical & 25% psycological then how CBT would be helpful for me to get relief from panic attack. I get a very bad sensasation in my head while experiencing panic attack. But i hv to try this option aswell. Planning to meet a good psycologist this weekend. Thanks for your help.


Hi Finance

It s goid to know u re going to meet someone this week.well done!When I have a bad panick attack the sensation are only physical!!Cbt can halp u with that at least to ease the physical sensations and so meditation.why don t u have a look at it?books or Internet ..CBT and panick attack,meditation,maybe u can get a better idea and see if might work for you.

Xxx and hugs



I started taking DAXID 50 from last 2 days 1 tab at night. Feeling more anxiety which was not there before. Earlier clonazepan was working perfectly when at sudden i take it was working with in 15 min. but after taking daxid ..donot know whats happening. I m unbale to work in office & unbale to focus.


Maybe is quite strong for u at the beginning after a while u should get use to it with no more side effect wich are common in the first few days or a week


Many thanks train80 ...hope this works for me !!!


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