I have anxiety due to worry about a stressful situation regarding my child. I wake up feeling so nervous, meds make me worse. Any tips?

This has been ongoing for 4 months. 3 different meds later I have give up on them. The feeling of anxiety, worry and nervousness is taking over my life. I don't have social anxiety but I'm at home a lot due to a sick child, which makes me worse. The worry and stress brings on anxiety attacks and all Gp can do is throw antidepressants at me that make me feel awful and gives me panic attacks. Hot baths, walking and listening to music only helps whilst doing that. Then anxiety comes back straight away. Help....


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  • Sounds like you have a lot going on there. We all worry about our children when they are well, with a sick child it must be very difficult.

    I'd say, SLOW down, take it one step at a time, find the good in everything we do, appreciate whats going on around,.

    And definately go back to the doctors and ask for some councilling, I find it helps.

    Wishing you well



  • Thanks for the reply. I have thought about counselling but I have never been offered it even though I've been regularly going to my Gp about my anxiety and worry. If you find it helps maybe I'll ask about it next time I'm at the doctors.

    S xx

  • Hi

    I would, its available free on the NHS, and its all normal, just a normal person to talk with. No interogations etc.

    Its also totally private, so what you say stays with just you two.

    It could brings some light to an otherwise, dark day.

    Wishing you well



  • Worth a try! Thanks

    S xx

  • That link may help your awareness.

  • Thank you!

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