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Hello, other night i had a SVT event from a panic attack, seen a heart rate of 167 bpm bp was off the charts, took 5 hours in the ER and i leveled out. Now i have vertigo upon sitting up (which started a week and a half ago) happens when i wake up in the morning, i have chest pressure, wont get out of bed because it feels so bad, but when i stand my heart rate is 101 standing compared to 70 lying down or sitting. My doctor wrote in my notes that its all anxiety to other doctors so now they brush everything off as anxiety. Feel like i cant breathe, just laying here holding my rosary and praying.


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  • Hi, it seems it is really anxiety.. me and a lot of people here, we all have totally same symptoms. I must say that im scared almost every day already one year.. all tests good .. and i feel terrible.. cant breath, my legs like from gel, very dizzy. And i know how hard is to believe that all is just anxiety.. i have big problems with this too. I am able to go to emergency every week. If your heart was checked and you blood test good, try to calm down and believe it is anxiety what makes you all this troubles. But i know how hard it is.. i still dont know to calm down myself too..

  • Thank you, im trying to calm down....

  • Armyguy, when this first started for myself, I too ended up in the ER with heart out of control at 180bpm. Nurses were going in and out of my room. A resident was sent in to sit and watch me. Paddles were brought into the room. I was out of my mind with fear. I could hear the fast beat of my heart on the monitor. Finally I asked the doctor if I could have 0.25mg of Xanax. I told them I felt that were lowering the heart rate. I knew my body, I knew my mental state. I was given one dose of Xanax. I fell asleep and within 15 minutes was back in normal sinus rhythm. A miracle? No, just someone who was over the edge with anxiety.

  • Agora you're in Chicago. What ER did u go to? ( And isnt it true that "we" dont need much xanax to calm down? Empaths,.perhaps??

  • I went to Lutheran General. You are correct in that a small amount of Xanax will do the trick.

  • But is this not a diagnosis of Artriul Falibralation ?

  • Hi stix, A fast heart beat (tachycardia) is different than an irregular heart beat (A-Fib) I happen to be in the hospital for something else when I knew my heart had gone into A-Fib. Doctors ran a cardiac strip and confirmed it.

  • No I have AF and irregular heart beat, I actually have fast AF goes up to 270 and only just developed irregular heart beat.

    It's where one chamber goes out of sinc with the rest due to electrical mis function, and mine is made a lot worse because of my anxiety.

    I would ask if I was you, just to be safe

  • Oh I have never felt better since that night in the hospital. I am on heart medication as well as blood pressure medicine and no longer aware of my heart. That in itself has brought down my level of anxiety immensely.

    Finding the right dose and med to control the A-Fib took some time but well worth the trial and error period. I also am on Warfarin. I'm comfortable where I'm at regarding my heart. I wish you well.

  • And the same to you

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