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Hi. Its been one year now since i feel like i have anxiety. I went to the doctor and take all test like ecg and there nothing even wrong with my heart. Now i am having heart palpitation everyday, feel weak,muscle tension, sometimes i feel like i cant breath. Please help me. I want to know how can i control this. Especially the heart palpitation everyday. I cant even sleep good anymore coz i feel like im dyin

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Hey kcee go check my posts from today!! I'm the same as you!! Stop worrying will stop it but that's easier said than done!! I know how you feel😥

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It's Horrible can't just turn it off and on. Until people go through panic/anxiety and depression they have no clue. A lot of people do not even know how dibilitating it can be to your life. Well actually you have no life. But the struggle is real!!!!!


Medicine is always a good alternative. Or deep breathing. I've been told these but they never worked but they are worth a try. Try to find your own coping method like playing a game on your phone or drawing or coloring or reading.

Or even just close your eyes and cry that's okay too. Crying helps a lot actually so don't keep it in if you're scared.

You'll be okay ♡♡


Very good advice thats what I try to do to help take my mind off things constantly worrying about things that haven't even happened yet plus depression just horrible.

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Hi. I know that it is difficult for you when you feel that there is something wrong but nothing physical can be found. Everything you described is usually connected with anxiety if there is no physical reason. The psychological disorder can manifest itself in a series of physical symptoms which are unrelated to the actual health of the individual. For example many people get chest pains or headaches or any other of a huge range of symptoms.

Palpitations is a very common symptom connected with anxiety. There is, of course, always a chance that there is a physical reason for the palpitations - so that should be ruled out first by an ecg and blood test. If everything is ok then you have to look at anxiety being the cause of the palpitations.

When we get scared or frightened our body goes into automatic 'fight or flight' mode.A huge amount of adrenaline is released into the body by the central nervous system 0- and it is this that causes the heart to go a bit crazy sometimes - palpitations are part of that craziness. Your heart is beating faster in response to the perceived threat brought om by your fear/distress/panic.

The easiest way to stop this is to sit or lie down and begin a series of breathing exercises. Correct breathing is central to controlling the rising panic you may be feeling as the level of oxygen drops when breathing becomes shallow.



Very true I relate to everything you spoke of. I do believe in the deep breathing and also getting rid of all the negative things in your life that would cause you to worry uncontrollably.


Hang in there brother..i am currently suffering with a dizzy boat like feeling anxiety where i feel weak and heavy while walking..chest tightness, pins and sharp pains in legs in arms..everyday i want to go to the ER. Then i say this is only anxiety. Pray for better days, ill pray for you and me.


Hey I was reading your story and that's exactly how I feel how do you get though the day..I feel dizzy n weak like IMA fall when I'm walking and feel anxious

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Yes it's hard for me to catch my breath when I have anxiety even just to walk a couple of steps I'm out of breath.


Hi everyone!! First and foremost -I just wanna say every single episode you guys are talking about, I have had! I have been through agonizing months on end where I felt like I was dying.

I got past it!! Not to say it's easy, took me forever to figure out what I had to change.

I couldn't do normal every day activities Drive, go to stores.. It was horrifying! Always felt Ike I was gonna pass out.. Or lose feeling in my body.. Insane

i found this YouTube episode of yoga for when your having a the attack. ( relax, your not going t be folding up in positions like I thought lol) but this one video was a LIFE savor! It helped me monitor maybe eating and literally calmed my mind down to where I was relieved of symptoms. I ended up doing this several times a day when I was feeling strange. I still follow along with it just to keep my body relaxed ( although I couldn't tell you what the end is like bc it puts me to sleep in minutes)


YouTube: type yoga for panic and anxiety-

Katrina Repman, is the blonde girl in it...

Should be the first or 2d link that pops up in YouTube. Whe you look for yoga for panic and anxiety.

I would even have to go out to my car and play it when I was out in public and needed to relax to get chores done.

Secondly, If your drinking ANYTHING with caffeine! GET RID OF IT!

That's goes for soda, coffee, tea... Anything. no caffeine

And limit your intake of sugar. Just HAVE to do it if you wanna feel better!

Here's the next weird thing I figured out the hard way. You products, pay close attention to the shit your putting on your skin.. Washing with .. Products are a growing cause of our problems. Even external soaps and stuff!

Our skin absorbs unwanted toxins that overload in our bodies causing us to malfunction in the forms of anxiety and other things.

Switch over to organic natural products..shampoos conditioners, skin products and stuff.

Anyways, these are the things I have changed and I went from being in the hospital every other day to

Happy and healthy again!

ovER the last 2 weeks I started drinking tea again at school, and I got anxiety last night. So I really need to stay clear of caffeine.

Hope this helps

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I have been here for months - my biggest issue is I'm short of breath doing normal every-day things like folding the laundry or giving my daughter a bath. I'm exhausted all the time and my heart is constantly racing. I'm a bit overweight, but I knew it couldn't be just that out of nowhere as I was walking miles a day just a month or 2 ago. Plus, I'm only 31.

My blood work is all fine, and I'm getting more cardio tests, but have been looking online to relax my fears of having a heart issue, since after 3 rounds of different blood work, nothing else has appeared to be the culprit. The one thing that has been consistent is my CO 2 levels have been low, but no one has really talked to me about that. I finally found someone online whose doctor told them about Hyperventilon Syndrome. People keep saying anxiety causes physical symptoms. But it didn't make sense to cause them until I understood how over-breathing can decrease CO 2, thus causing all of toe other faculties, including heart and lungs to not work properly. Google it - hope this helps as I am feeling better knowing if I can retrain my breathing, I could possibly feel like a normal person again.

Apologies for the grammatical errors - iPhone typing is not my specialty !


Sorry you are feeling like this. Since you have been check out by a doctor, you know you are not dying. Keep that in mind. Finding the cause of your anxiety is the key. Sometimes there are things in our lives that we over analyze...think too much about. Seeing a good therapist to talk things out might help. The more we focus on our problems, the bigger and more intense they become. Don't do it alone. May God bless you with how to relax. Also, closing your eyes and taking deep breaths helps, while doing this think of the ocean or sunset or something else that make you happy or peaceful.

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I feel nothing anymore. I have had panic attacks. Been on Sertraline, off work for 3 months, went back on Monday 18th, had set back on 20th. Still persevering with work, but I have nothing left in me to feel good. I dont ever want to kill myself but think that being dead is a good way out... anyone else feel this?


I also have low energy although ~I used to work out for hours, running 26 miles a week and 4 hours fitness training a week plus swimming and power walking when I could. I am still going to work and started reading and adult colouring books. I tried sewing, etc but I just dont feel anything for it. I shake constantly.


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