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Oh no I can feel the clouds starting to rain on me again :-(:-(

Only a drizzle though at the minute, but I can definitely feel my anxiety rising and the more it rises the more I'm starting to panic, does anyone have any advice how to stop it in it's tracks before it gets really bad again?? I don't mind if it just lingers just don't want it to peak again :,( thanks, oh and I hope everybody is ok! Haven't been on in a while but I have been post watching xxxxxx

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Hi Kayleigh

I've given you a really nice umbrella in your fav colour.

It will stop you getting wet. Rain rain go away! Xxx


When I feel the 'butterflies' lingering in the stomach, I get up and walk or move around. I try to reach out to someone and talk about something positive. That usually helps things settle.

As others have posted, meditations helps as well. The headspace app is really wonderful and soothing. Hope the feelings pass soon so you can get back to enjoying your day.


HI x You know what they say about the rain coming x " Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning how to dance in the rain " So when it comes go with it, acknowledge its there and then try to not think about it and before you know it, it will pass x Once you accept anxiety for what it is it can never truly peak as bad again, it can feel it at the time but when you step back and look its not as bad x Donver x


Know the feeling Kayleigh,the only way to stop it peaking is to not be afraid of it..try to think logically,say to yourself I feel anxious,but I,m going to stay calm,breath slowly,and talk to yourself,see it for what it cant peak if you stay calm,I have to do this every day,and believe me its your fear of it that makes it worse..An awful way to live,I know,and it gets me down sometimes.but the cure is in our own hands..carry on as if your not anxious,and keep doing what you normally do,and keep thinking.rational thoughts.and I bet you will feel better.because we have to let this anxiety know whose boss....hope you feel better soon love Miarose xxx


Thanks everybody for your replies! I really appreciate it as always, I think it's the time of the month soon and the last 3 months I've noticed that I get more anxious and feel out of control at this time of my month! Forgot about that though the other day, hope you are all well, love always xxxx


awww Im feeling like this right now

I hope it goes away by monday when i go to work

ive been watching anxeity videos on youtube and also this forum helps out allot

mames me not feel so alone


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