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Oh no its happening again

I've just come back from food shopping in a small supermarket with my husband so i wasn't alone

and i got this tight head and off balance feeling again so much so i thought i would fall forward, i carried on like a trouper but now have such a bad headache and the back of my neck is tight and my head feels so heavy. does anyone else get this with anxiety or is there something seriously wrong with me??????????????help hugs x

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I really do get the same & have for years & I no mine is anxiety & yes it does make you fear that something is seriously wrong as it feels that way when it is happening

In fact I have been feeling dizzy & of balanced this afternoon

As you were walking round , even if you didnt realize it you may have been tensing up until as you were leaving you suddenly got these sensations

Have you asked your GP , not that for one minute I think it is anything more than anxiety , but just so they can reassure you & once they have it helps to start dealing with your fear when you get this , I went & got checked out & even though I do still get worried at times it helps me to remember I have been told what they are

Try & relax now & it will ease , painkillers dont seem to do a lot with these tension headaches but if you can relax & try & distract your mind ,it will ease






thank you again, iv had every test imaginable, CT and MRI brain scans, balance test, tilt table test,24hr heart & blood pressure monitored. I was very ill last year which seems to have brought the anxiety on as i waited so long for these tests and results and im still no wiser. Iv been taken off the medication i was on as a side effect was lowering my blood pressure which is already low and i also have low sugar.

I was hoping to feel better after coming off the med but it appears i feel worse this week . i dont know what going to become of me iv lost my very independent self. i will try and relax more and try not to be so tense...........promise hugs x


O bless you

Well the good news is you havnt got anything sinister , try & hang on to that thought

If your blood pressure goes low , have they had you on BP machine for 48 hours , maybe they have , its just if it keeps going low that could make you dizzy

But I do think even though I have already said your anxiety , will be the main cause , I have been like it , its less now but I used to be like it all the time , I do no how you feel , I like the promise hugs , they are new on here , we have had lots of hugs but never those




I think my panic attack yesterday was due to low blood sugar. I do get that and it felt more like low bs than a panic. I ate 3pancakes a cheese sandwich and a Milky Way before I started feeling normal again!!!

It can take weeks before the tablets are out of your system.

Do try to relax and don't push yourself

Take care xxxx


Hello I've also felt abit like that this afternoon. I'm lieing on the settee telling my self it's just anxiety but my mind is telling me it's not. I have been having pains in my chest but I know that's anxiety as well as I've had it many a times in the past. That's been on and off all wk now. It's there but wen I'm out or even in company of other people it's gone. The moment I'm on own it's back xxx


I get a very tight neck and that causes me to go wuzzy headed usually when I'm really tense.

Ask your husband to give your shoulders and neck a bit of a massage. Have a warm bath and try to relax.

I hope you feel a bit better now xxxx


I get this from time to time, I tell my self it's just the anxiey and to ignore it even if my head is telling me something different. Try to sit in a quiet place and do some deep breathing.It will pass:) hugs x


thank you for your lovely warm support hugs x


No problem... I love hugs they make you feel better xxx


If uve got candles do it self a move warm bubble bath with the light off and a few candles around the bath. I find that relaxes me alot of the time xxx


ahh the old head pressures.yes ive had them going on 30 years,head feels heavy,scalp tight and sore,feeling lightheaded,needing to grab hold of something,


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