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I think I may suffer from aniexty my mum has all her life. ... I had a abundance out other week I fort I cudnt breath my heart was double beating I was hot but my body was shaking but I had high temperature.... It happend for no reason.... I keep feeling like it slowly coming on We're it starts of my heart slowly getting faster my eyes feel funny..... I feel like I cnt breath is this aniexty? How should I deal with it doctors said for a walk but it just starts on its own and it's scary

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Hi Amberc & Welcome

It sounds like you are experiencing some symptoms of anxiety from what you are describing

You said the doctor has told you to go for a walk , so I am presuming you have been to see your GP & told them how you are feeling & it doesn't sounds like they have been very helpful if they have just said go for a walk !

Maybe it might be an idea to either see the GP again or a different one in the same surgery & let them know you are not feeling any better

With anxiety when we are experiencing these feelings they are so frightening it brings on the fear & with the fear comes more anxiety & it starts to become a pattern if when you feel this way you can see it that this is anxiety , it doesn't feel very nice but it wont harm me ( easier said than done I know ) but it gives it less control & then the fear gets less & so does the anxiety but this takes some time & practice

Keep talking on here people will make you feel very welcomed & have lots of good suggestions & you wont feel alone which does help





Thank you for your information and support. My doctors just keep saying it's aniexty from worrie. I can think of somthing and I can feel it come on its so strange I have to try walk round house to get my mind on something esl it's like I'm waiting for it to wear of. I get scared and then I feel like I cud have heart attack or stop breathing. I worrie so much about my health I worrie about everything... I tryed resuce remedies for abit I feel like they sometimes work but not all the time x


Welcome Ambrec,have you or can you discuss it with your Mum,she could be a great help to you.Terrible what the doc said,obviously does not understand how bad anxiety can be.


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