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morning all

I am feeling a little better this morning, managed to sleep without waking last night still felt like i was awake in my dreams but nothing that scared me or woke me so thats an improvement. It is really helping me talking to people on here and realizing i am not alone in the world with these feelings any more. So thanks so much to everyone who's taken the time to talk to me. :) :) :)

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Hello Emma :)

First of all I've not spoken with you before so welcome,:)

It is nice when we can get some sleep, we can manage a little better. I practice Mindfulness every day. Check out Headspace online or app on your phone.

Hope you have a nice day:) xx


Hello Yummi

Thanks for the welcome :)

I am just putting the app on my phone, looks great i've not seen anything like this before so looking forward to giving it a try. :) x


Oh that's great!

I do headspace every morning when my alarm goes off, sets you up for the day:)

There is another I do which is xx


Hello Emma.

Welcome to the site. I know how you feel when you get a full nights sleep, as like most people on here we suffer the same symptoms. Glad to hear that talking to people on the site is helping I hope we continue to do so.

Keep strong Kenny :)


Hi Emma

I am pleased you are feeling better this morning :-)

It really does help knowing you are not alone & there is always someone to talk to on here to talk to

Hope you have a lovely day :-)





Hi Emma, firstly like myself I would like to welcome you to the site. I am also on the Pain Concern site, on which I have beenmon format least a year. It's a really good site, plenty of others who are in the same position as us, so going to be the same as here on the Anxiety site.

Am glad you have had a good night sleep. At this moment I have difficulty sleeping, this is even being on Citalopram, on which am on 125mg nightly.

I wish you well, it was nice talking to you, take care, happy sleeping :-)



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