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Morning all :-)

Hi all, how are we all feeling today?

I have woken feeling good. I managed to drift off to sleep, no racing thoughts or panic, and I only woke once with a nightmare.

Every day is completely different for me at the moment, I still haven't started my meds, and I know I need to, but I feel like me at the moment & don't want to ruin it.

Hoping we all have a good day xx

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I have had a good day, ( nearly over here in NZ), and am also sleeping not too badly. Hope the day continues to be good for you. If I wake up feeling anxious I sit up in bed resting on my pillows , seems to work for me. Enjoy your day. xx


Hi Jeffju. Good to see you have had a good day :)

Thanks for your reply, I am feeling ok so far, so hoping it continues!

I'm guessing it's almost bedtime for yourself? Hope you have a good night x


Hi LooLoo

Im feeling good today, my minis happy and going out later, Im just waiting for my nails to dry them will be hanging out wasihing and putting another load on as its good drying weather :)



Hey Mimii so glad your feeling good. So far so good for me too :) Hope you have a great day x


You too, have to make the most of the good days as they happen. :)

Mimii x


I will have to be a Good Evening , but better late than never :-/

Hope you have had a good day LooLoo





Thanks for this message whywhy, hate missing messages! Xx


Me to , but sometimes we do , but we find each other 99% of the time eventually :D



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