Morning All

I don't know if you remember me saying earlier on this week that I had 3 things to do on Friday and I felt overwhelmed. Why was I saying that? Routine..... that's why. I could be really mad at myself over it but I get in a routine and feel I have to stick to it . So I am rebelling against myself today and doing 2 of the things today instead of waiting in dread for another day to pass. I never cease to amaze myself with these brainwaves : / If there is a wrong way to do things I do it! Hope you are all well! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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9 Replies

  • YAY!!! Brilliant, hun, well done and GOOD LUCK!!! Hand here to hold if needed ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi. ella. And that makes two hands to hold. (Aren't you lucky). Love. jonathan.

  • me very excited for you :) ella bella bella :)

    big hug

    rouri xxx

  • Well done ella! Brilliant!

    Love & hugs

    Sue xxx

  • Done them my friends! wow I'm getting good at this bus business! : ) I started reading Dr Claire Weekes book last night and was amazed at her knowing me so well! I have a feeling we are going to get on . I sent for that book so long ago and have been trying to finish another one before starting it ( another routine : ( They really are going to have to go!!! ) Thank you for your continued love and support, it really does help so much. It's so lovely to be myself and not pretend to be alright all the time. The friendship hands across the miles feel real and bring such confidence and care. 1 more trip tomorrow and all done for this week. Love and Blessings and Hugs to you All xxxxxxx

  • Well done Ellabella. I love reading everyones blogs when you have all done something that really makes you feel good. Let us all know how you get on tomorrow.

    Big hugs and love

    Lou. x

  • Good on you lass, well done :)

  • Hi.ella. So, you have done it again! This is getting to be a habit, and a good one too. There is no doubt that Dr. Weekes is right, practise does make perfect. So glad you got her book. It's my 'bible'. It has saved my bacon on many occasions. You must feel pleased with yourself; after all the effort you have DONE it. Dr. Weekes also says that there may not be a feeling of accomplishment at first. She may be right but accomplishment there surely is. Bless you. Love and good wishes. jonathan.

  • Thanks everyone , I managed the task but didn't manage the bus : ( my brother was too handy with his car at the time. I gave in. Never mind another day another dollar : ) xxxxxxxx

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