So fed up today

I am having a strange few days. Had been feeling good until someone said to me 'Don't like the warts on your neck'. They are not warts but skin tags, which my Mum has and well they are small but I know they've been there for ages. I know they are a pain but what can I do about them? That person's words really knocked me down


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  • You should have said I dont like that massive wart on your shoulders :D

    Seriously ppl like that are total bottomholes!!!!

    Mimii xx

  • I like that mimii , what a lovely polite way of putting it , total bottomholes :-D


  • Yes I'm very polite when necessary :D xx

  • Hi

    Oh I dont no whats wrong with people now a days the things they notice , I wouldnt have even noticed them as I would have been to busy looking at your lovely face & enjoying talking to you :-)

    I would have said what mimii said to them as well :-/

    Now a days the NHS has really tightened up & if your GP refers you for things which in some areas they wont as it costs the surgery to refer you & they dont like that & a lot of times they wont as they dont see cosmetic things as a problem as they once did , unless they are causing you pain !

    You could try & play on MH reasons for having them removed , but if your Mum has them & loads of people do , not sure if you would want to bother or not ?

    Remember that was one person that said that & I no its hard as we are sensitive , but try not to let their stupidity upset you :-)




  • some people eh - what to do?! The last time someone cut me down the OH had some trouble trying to convince me that all people over a 'certain' age should be killed for their own good (yes, I was really that hurt)...but as it's been said here that was the opinion of one individual and there is no reason to believe anything they said cos that is their opinion...*hugs*

    xx sam

  • The person who said this was someone at work who I've only just met! I couldn't believe it, I just froze and felt myself start to cry (thank god the lights went down for the show!) The tags hurt when they get caught on clothes but I can deal with them. I did get told if they are removed, they come back bigger! I got small ones on my neck. I will ask my doctor about removing them but I guess the persons word just hurt

  • That person must be a bit stupid skin tags are nothing like warts x

    Mimii xx

  • Your surgery should do a small op like that. Say it is catching on your collar and annoying you. Ignore that other person or tell them to f*** o**. Very politely of course

  • Hi there,

    Some people are so in wrong in what they say and the cheek of it coming up to you and saying that, speaks volumes about the person though. Don't let that one person ruin your day they must have there own issues I reckon. They are part of you and you are a lovely person so stuff erm I say.

  • Thanks everyone :) I am feeling a little rough today, muscles hurting and feeling like rubbish. I won't let her words hurt me anymore but I hate feeling rough again now

  • I used to suffer from adult acne many years ago, & people were always asking what was wrong with my skin. & I found myself wishing that they could catch it, then they would know how it feels to have to deal with ignorant people who make tactless remarks. People are very shallow & stupid, they think appearance is everything.

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