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Hanging on by my fingernails!

Hi - I know (I hope!) everyone's happily in dreamland, but just wanted to get it out. Just so tired/stressed - bathroom(s) still aren't' finished, and won't be now before Christmas, I don't think. :'( They've still got the flooring to do upstairs and down (don't know when) and the shower to fit. I should explain I can't bathe atm, that's why I wanted a shower, cos i've got arthritis and can't "sit down" - I'm hoping for physio in the New Year, and possibly to get a bath stool - but that won't be before Christmas. even if they fit the shower not sure they'll be able to fit the shower curtain so will still have probs getting clean. Today - that is yesterday now - I'd had a bad night with IBS, had workmen in both the bathrooms up and down, was knackered (had had about 2 hrs sleep!) - so just lay on the sofa with a rug over me and fell asleep. I've Got so "attuned" to workmen banging on the door, I was asleep and one of the men made a noise and I started awake shouting "Im coming!" - though there was no-one there! :-O

i even laughed yesterday, - had 2 bathrooms and couldn't even get a wash cos men were in both of them!

I had a HORRIBLE Christmas last year - i don't do much for Christmas but was determined not to have such a horrible one this year - I actually took a photo of myself last Xmas Day - hair unwashed, in my dressing gown, looking like death not very well warmed up. Wanted to try to make this one a bit better, but struggling. Got a miniature (1 ft high) artificial tree and a poinsettia and was going to make a little "Christmas corner" with the few pressies I buy - but the house is still filthy. I know that's not enitrely due to the workmen, although I do get paralysed when people invade my space - I can't "do" anything - and I'm so TIRED!!! Wasn't "good" before it started!!!! :( I don't relax till really late at night + several valium, then fall asleep on the sofa at like 1 am, then wake in the small hours - like this morning - feeling absolute crap, nervy, scared of meltdown, everything crashing in on me. And if one more person tells me it will be "Lovely when it's done" I shall probably strangle them and spend Christmas in Holloway! :( I mean, I know they're right, but not sure whether i'll be in a rubber room by then! Can't blame the workmen, they've been brill - most of them - but just wish Christmas was a week away - although can't wait to be shot of 2012! - OR I was better at coping with stuff, OR my life hadn't gone pear shaped nearly 10 years ago OR - well you get the idea........

Hanging on by teeth and fingernails atm, a rescue line would be good, though i know we're all struggling :(

Love ya

Bruised Rose


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Send me your phone number Rose please, I can't find it! I will ring you for a chat , love ya xxx


Will do, my love, be great to chat - need a coffee and a come-to first but will message you, either here or - er there! ;) xxx


Rose, 2012 has definitely not been your year! I won't mention the bathroom for fear of reprisals! I do sympathise although that wont do you a lot of good. What a performance! It is a nightmare just before the festive(!!!!!!!!) season. I don't know that I can say any more, Rose, except that if you are hanging on by your finger tips at least you are hanging on. Lots of Love and wishes. jonathan.


Oh Rose, what a nightmare! I remember workmen refurbishing my bathroom and kitchen at the same time, it took them a week to do, the house was filthy, i couldnt use the loo until they had finished for the day, and had to set up tea making facilities in my living room, it was awful, and i hated workmen being in my home, they ruined my new stair carpet! I really sympathise with you. How can they not finish their job before xmas and leave you without washing facilities is beyond me, that is terrible. They really should have started the work after xmas if they knew it would not be done before.

I really hope you are ok.

Lin x


Oh my dear friends!!! yes, you ARE friends!!! I'm not sure if i believe in God or anything these days, but when I finaly staggered off to bed at 6 am, I prayed FERVENTLY to whatever fates rule our lives that no-one would bang me out of bed at 8.20 - I didn't even care if it wasn't finished! :( Well, for once, "someone" heard - workmen just arrived at 10.30 AND - wait for it .......

One guy is putting the flooring down in the downstairs loo, whilst the other is putting up the shower rail, towel rail, etc etc etc upstairs. The only iffy thing is the light fitting, which he says needs to be replaced cos it's broken - it is - well, I can live with that - i mean, i do have a light, just not a very elegant one lol! They were absolutely fabulous, especially the guy putting up the bits upstairs, he said they'd put up whatever i wanted, where I wanted it - then presumably the guy will lay the floor up there and - IT WILL BE DONE!!! :-D i think Im going to cry :'(

Only problem atm is that I'm dying for a coffee, but also dying for the loo :( - think might chuck the upstairs guy out so I can have a pee ;) - ooh the downstairs guy has finished for a minute so I can use that - ;)

So maybe last night was the "darkest night before the dawn" - well, fortunately NOT dawn, i was just going to bed! But IT WILL BE DONE by today, so i was panicking for nothing - well, not panicking exactly, just really p*ssed off with it, especially so close to Christmas!

I honestly can't fault the workmen, they've been fabulous, really considerate, polite, lovely lovely guys, rarely if ever make them coffee - think that might be policy that they bring their own and don't use the tenant's. It's just the disruption, being banged out of bed so early (for me!) and, as I've said, having my space invaded - wasn't that a computer game? ;)

So bless you all, I can give my fingernails a break and stop "hanging on" and "let go" :-D

Thank you all so much for letting me rant, you're all stars bless you!

(Brighter) Rose

PS Now, where's that kettle - I need my first caffeine fix of the day! ;) xxxxxx


Big hugs Rose,

You most certainly do not want to be spending christmas in Holloway. You are too much of a lady to be in there. Plus you wouldnt be allowed to be left alone.

Love Lou. xxxx


Hope that things are coming to a conclusion as I type this and that peace will be restored, toilets will be free.....poinsettia and little tree to be installed .

Glad to hear that the guys were so nice and polite etc anyway.

Hope you enjoy the peace and quiet in the days to come ......the cleaning can wait least until you've recovered from the workmen being there.

Best Wishes PL


hugs and sent love thinking of you



Oh Rose - Hope you're nearly there now.

Love and Best WIshes.x


Thank you, thank you, thank you all - IT IS DONE!!!! :-D With the exception of the light fitting which one of the guys says needs to be replaced, it's all finished and it is GORGEOUS!!!! My friend Jo came round this afternoon bearing gifts, and she LOVED it!! So - it's finally over and - oh joy, oh bliss , oh heaven - I can have a SHOWER!!!! (And a pee in the night if necessary but I'm whispering that one ;) )

Thank you all so so so much for putting up with my angst - you're all angels!!!!

Lots of love

Happy Rose :)



pleased its all done now ,

enjoy it

loulou 66



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