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The shower?

Hi everyone

I posted about this this I'm sure a few months ago about how everytime I went in the shower i always had a racing heart so much so that I would have to get out right away as I thought I was going pass out well it's been okay for a while and just there I got up, had some toast and egg and glass of in my shower and within seconds my heart started to race and I felt like I couldn't catch my breath so I had to get out..,it's slowed down now and it's having random little flutters(probably due to my panicking)

Does anyone else ever have this?


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Hi Ashley

Was you thinking about Will-i-am at the time ;-)

Now I will be serious

I have had it before ,I think once we have an experience that frightens us subconsciously it can stay in the back of our minds & then not always knowing it is there when we put ourselves in this situation again it is like we set ourselves up maybe not knowing we are but worrying will it happen again & then sort of bringing it on if this makes any sense

Once you have had your breakfast it is always good to relax a little bit before we go jumping in the shower , I know when I rush about I can bring on that feeling of my heart racing

You are not having the shower to hot when this happens or to cold ?

It will be panic causing it I am sure & sorry I haven't been much use with my answer but wanted to let you know I have read your question :-)

Have you any idea how long you will be waiting to see this cardiologist ?





Hello you!

Yes I was thinking of dear no wonder it sent my heart racing haha!

Seriously though I should have maybe sat down after my good but I was feeling good and thought okay a little shower should perk me up.

My dads had to wait to see the cardiologist before sue to high blood pressure and he waited months for an appointment so I'm assuming I'll be the same.

I am trying not to think about it as much(I always take what you say on board) think it's just that's another thing I can't seem to do that I enjoy. So now I've have up smoking...drinking(more or less) exercising..and now I panic in showers...hmmm not much left at this rate lol.



Well don't give up showers altogether or try a bath or you will have another problem you will stink :-D

Never wise though to eat & then jump in the shower or bath you should let your food settle even if you do feel good , but I do think this will subconsciously be playing on your mind , so make sure the temperature is right & don't rush in there take your time

Hopefully you wont have to wait as long as your Dad & don't forget it is ok to ask what the waiting time is , might help you to have something to focus on if you know :-)



I don't have a racing heart,but I shake all over when I'm in the shower,I have got out and then back in again,and out again.Ive found not putting the shower curtain across helps,though the floor does get very wet,a small price to pay to be able to stay in the shower,I still shake but not as bad.Could you try this.You don't mention if you have a bath,or is it the same.I haven't tried to get into the bath for months,I slipped getting out last time I did,banged my head on the wall and have been terrified to try again.Hope you manage to have a shower soon xxxx


Hi ashley, I can relate to your problem in the shower,I would get dizzy,and that would make me panic.I found not closing the shower door fully helped,also a shower give me something to hold on to...if all this fails mayby you could get a shower seat,also its not good to have it too hot,a nice lukewarm shower is better..anyway i'm the quickest person to take a shower in our and out in 2 minutes...xxxx


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