Question for the ladies!

I've noticed in the past three months (I've been keeping a symptom journal) that I am so, so much worse during my time of the month. About 5 days before my period I just become a mess and all my symptoms become so bad. It's hard for me to sleep, heart feels like it's constantly racing, headaches, nauseous, extreme fatigue and anxiety attacks. Is it just me or do all you ladies out there get worse with your anxiety and symptoms around your time of the month?


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10 Replies

  • I don't get that bad around my time of the month I actually feel about the same other than I do get a bit more emotional but I think it's cause our hormones drinking tea and excersisng helps me

  • Yes I have all these same issues.Look up PMDD.I am going to discuss this with my doctor on next visit.

  • Thank you! I have an appointment with my doctor on Friday, I might have to bring this up.

  • Most definitely feel worse about 10 to 14 days before my period and even when I am on my period, because of the cramping. So its like I spend half my time feeling like pure crap and the other half feeling almost like pure crap. But, all is not lost. If you have some kind of outlet, it will not be so bad. Like me, I spend a lot of my time in prayer, meditation, one on one therapy, yoga, going for slow relaxing walks. You are NOT alone. God bless.

  • Yes! Mine is like clock work, 6-3 days before I start I just get on edge, feel bloated, headaches and then when I start I get migraines and cramps and i can't sleep at night. I feel like half the month I feel like crap and the other half I'm just ok. Thank you for your response and God bless!

  • yes girl i been keeping a journal for five months. they say it is pmdd. mine start ten days and throughout my period. your not alone and not crazy#

  • This is the first time I've ever heard of PMDD. This is happening to me out of nowhere because my periods used to be like 4 days long and barley any symptoms other than bloating, light cramps and maybe mood swings occasionally. Now with my anxiety I am freaking out! Thanks for your response!

  • thats what happened to me. mine started in may out of the blue. i would have my period for 3 days and be fine slight anxiety before nothing too crazy. now it is horrible. i want to get my hormones checked. pmdd is a severe form of pms. now my periods are closer together too and longer. my ob said i was too young for it to be my hormones but i am getting another opinion and demanding a panel to be done.

  • Oh my God! That's crazy, mine started up the last week of April going into May and then I only had a two week break and then had another menstrual cycle in May. It makes me feel a lot better to know I am not alone. Definitely going to talk to my new doctor about this when I see her next. How do they test you for hormone changes?

  • they just send you for labs. im in the us though. im pretty sure thats how they do it anywhere though. i got told im "too young" for it to be that but really who knows? also make sure they do a cbc and check your vitamin levels as well! your def not alone, thats how i felt like i was going crazy!

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