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Had my interview with the Compliance Officer

Well its been a difficult time since recieving the letter on Sat to inform me of this visit...... but Ive mangaed to not have a panic attack (i dont know how!!)

Anyway he came and all was fine....... but I did tell him (and i intended to do this if I was srong enough, for all of us genuine people, who that bloody letter could have tipped over the edge!)

He said I take your comments and its valid, not the first person to say it, he said he'd take it and relay the comments, hopefully he will, whether theyll be heard is another story, but I felt so angry for all of us who have had to go through this........

I hope everyone else is ok??

Love Ker

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Hi Ker.

I'm glad to hear you got things sorted, I hope they take on board your worries, at least you had someone who was prepared to listen.

Take care Kenny xxxx


~Thank you kenny.... yes he did seem a decent bloke, but to be honest if he hadnt of been I think I would have been as equally agressive, I felt so angry about it!!

Anyway I hope you are well??



Hi anne

I am pleased everything has turned out ok & you got someone nice even though I do totally understand what this puts us through but now they have been & gone I hope you can relax

As for if your points will be fed back & taken into consideration I am spectacle on this one but like you I still tell them as we cant give up trying to let them know how ill this is making genuine people !

Have a treat now & a good day :-)





Thanks whywhy........ how are you?? Im still having problems with keyboard so hard posting and replying xx


Hey you

Glad it went okay.



Hi Kerry,

I am glad you could speak your mind and hope the outcome is good.

Eunice x


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