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Has anybody had any success with a phsychiatrist or phsycholagist?

Hi there, I am willing to try anything to get back to my "normal" self.This anxiety is really debilitating & could mess up my marriage.Its getting on for a year now been on Citalopram,Amitrytiline,now Sertraline,which I am cutting down on as I want my doc to try me on Mirtazapine. The reason for my question is my doctor is CRAP! He prescribed Sertraline & Amitryptiline( which I dont take anymore) without checking to see if they would affect a condition he knows I have,I had to ring up the drug companies to check with them & they said to stop taking them. He also sent me to CBT which I find a waste of time as the councilors are all straight out of college & have to run and ask colleagues what to do. I have no confidence in them either. I thought that maybe seeing a specialist in the brain field might be benificial,any comments guys? Sorry for ranting but you know how it is when you dont seem to be getting anywhere.

Good health to all

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A psychiatrist, will diagnose exactly whats going on for you, then will want you to go on drugs, or if they are any good get you a decent therapist.

Spending money on private therapy could be an idea, but how will you know if there any good too, in the end we all have to do it on our own, with help of course, and that could be a friend, and partner etc.

I'm not sure of how your feeling............................. however related to anxiety;

The Dr. Claire Weekes book is the thing to use if you want to get better, but its hard work, takes loads of practice, but does give us so many benefits too.

I'm not sure if you have in the "Help for the nerves" book, a treatment plan, as I have in my book by her called " Simple effective treatment of Agoraphobia "

Its about

Face the fear, do not run away

Accept the fear do not fight

Float through the fear do not tense

Let time pass, do not be impatient with time.

Understanding second fear is also extreemly important too.

A lot of things do need talking through too, and a change in ones outlook and ideas, but it can be done and we have so much understanding on here, I'm sure we could help too

Wishing you well





I have suffered for years , I am on a long waiting list to see a physcholagist

Over the years I have seen other people , but I find with lots they just seem to like medication , where as this goes more into how your brain works etc , which I am hoping will be better for me , as I no a lot where things started etc with me , but would like help knowing more

I wish I could tell you if it had worked , but as I say , I am on a long list , I got on the list by been assessed by MH team & they agreed

I will when it happens let people no how it goes , but meantime , I do believe things are worth a try

Let us no if you decide to go down this route & how it goes





THanks guys


i had been on many many differant antidepressivs for at least 11 years

they tried me on antisphycotics, beater blockers ,prozac, but none of them worked the last antidepressive i was on was phenelzine which tasted and smelt like paint stripper so i came off of that

now i only take lorezepam 2m a night and 3 on a bad day which works for me

but my advice is to keep hasteling them if you dont feel right on the drugs your taking

the clue is to keep pushing them then they will act

its the only way i managed to get an mri and eeg

hope this help

good luck



This therapist does online therapy... she knows her stuff.


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