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I need help. I keep randomly waking up to the thought I'm going to pass out?! How is this normal

The last few weeks I have been suffering from really bad heart palpitations, my chest gets really tight and hurts a lot. Sometimes it will go down my arm. Lately I've been waking up in the middle of the night to my heart literally racing! I feel like I could pass out. It's so horrible I've had 3 ECGs in the past and a chest X-ray and also blood tests. But I just don't get how there isn't anything wrong with me if I keep getting these problems?! Someone please help me? :( how recently do I need to have these tests? What if something is there now since my last test? I don't know where any of this has came from :( it's ruining my life

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If its woerying you alot you should go see a Dr. And explain the way you've been feeling. Ive been getting that way too where i wake up and my heart is racing. Iam on meds now and they ha e been helping extremley well for the heart palps.

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Hi J Louise.

Iv went through that so many times I can't even count.

Your having night time anxiety/panic attacks, and they are awful! At the time your truly convinced that you are a medical emergency. I get it.. It's scary.

Hopefully you know that caffeine and sugar increase this SO much... So if your drinking coffee, soda, eating like crap, sugar.. you may wanna change that!

I had found a little tool that helps me SO much- it may sound rediculous but if your go to YouTube and type in "yoga for panic attacks". This blonde girl Katrina Repman Comes up, and follow along with her video. She will go through breathing exercises and help you slow your heart rate immediately!

I use to get them so bad I was unable to leave the house for a while because it was happening so much. There were times I had to sit in my car and listen to that video lol, because I'm terrified of passing out in public or causing a scene.

Over the past few months Iv cut out chemical I handed foods- try to eat as natural as possible, and organic.. ( the chemicals that are put in our foods build up in our bodies and create toxins that our body has a hard time getting out... And these are the ways we react to it.

Hope this helps! Good luck...

Btw, don't go to the doc and try to get on pills for it- my doc tried but I won't take them because they only cause more severe medical conditions ( I'm also a nursing student) and I still don't believe in shoving meds down your throat unless your a psycho.. Then bring on the meds!!!

Also, my limbs - specially my left arm goes numb, or hurts.. I get chest pains.. I get dizzy, my body went weak, I'd wake up in the night feeling like dead weight.. And couldn't move. .. You name it Iv had it and been to hospital for it. But the good news is that with effort, you can control it!! And you can do it naturally. Iv even had heart monitors and had bubbles shot yo through my heart.. Multiple ekgs..

Stress/anxiety.. Will lead to a full blown panic attack. And they alway mimic serious things... Watch that video when you feel t coming on and it will reverse it and take your mind off it


Thankyou so much for your detailed reply! I really do appreciate it! I have taken everything you have said on bored! I've even print screened it aha! It makes me feel so much better when I know this isn't just me! I shall YouTube what you said also! Thankyou again xx


Your very welcome! I know how scary it can be and how helpless you start feeling when no one can figure out what's wrong. My happiness was compromised for a while- and as silly as it sounds.. No body appreciates what it's like to just feel normal! And not have to constantly worry about this pesky anxiety and panic attacks. Even worse was when it started happening all day too.. I felt so depressed like my life was ruined and I couldn't figure out why!

If I can help at least one person not feel the way I felt! It would make me very happy! Someone's all we need is someone to calm our nerves.

If you have anymore problems feel free to email me:

Not tryin to be creepy lol but if this wasn't an important issue to us at the time, we wouldn't be on websites talking to other people about it right.

I'm lucky enough that my best friend has bad anxiety attacks and we both are able to talk each out of them.

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Thank you so much. I just watched You Tube, Katrina Repman. She is

amazingly calming. It is true what she says in that you need to practice

this everyday or every other day. This will make you prepared to reverse the anxiety and go into calmness. Again thank you, I will be watching her other videos. I would like to get the music background that she uses. That too was very effective. Take care, stay well.


Ahh! Yes, I'm glad that you tried it.. I'm telling you, it's so crazy how just watching that one video helped me drastically reverse my anxiety. I have never found another video like that one ( not that I really looked) bc that has become my GO-2 ritual when I start to feel it coming on. Something about her voice..or music and explanations help me to calm down instantly and relax.

I can honestly say that it played a huge part in my recovery. Panic and anxiety is all a physical reaction to our mind.. And the first step to fixing it is getting your thoughts under control. ( as well as eating well and taking care of our bodies .. Because all of that goes hand in hand with how our bodies function)

- here goes technical explinations (it's my schooling coming out)

Cells in our bodies produce waste. And that is the purpose of blood flow (exercise), to carry out waste and keep our bodies clean.

Think of it like your house! Would a house be functional if you never took the garbage out? Or would you become unhappy because your living in piles of gunk and grossness.

So think of exercising as taking out the bodies trash.

- so with all of the extra chemicals we have in our diets today with GMO foods and processed crap, we are slowly poisoned! ( why our medical conditions and cancers are so prevalent now- but that's a different topic)

That's why I can't stress enough to try and eat organically, and exercise!

It's avoiding extra trash/chemicals in our body that clutter up the way we should be functioning, And that goes for our brains!

If your brain can't function right, the rest of our bodies can't function well either.

Sorry for the book, but these are things I had to really take time and understand so that I could feel normal again! I still have a problem here and there but I realized how to control it much better.

And I can't stress enough- cut out caffeine and processed sugar if you don't wanna go into full blown anxiety attacks. Those will set me off so quick! I love a cup of coffee in the morning. I might even get away with drinking it a day or a few. Then or of nowhere it will hit me like a sack of bricks, and I'm up with palpitations and thinking I'm gonna die. Lol

( funny to laugh about now, but at the time of an episode it's horrifying). So just don't do it to yourself. Once in a while as. Treat maybe.

And of course! Keep watching that video, and relaxing your mind. :D


Hi Ldubosque,

Ive had two days in a row now of sleeping the whole way through. The more I try to not put it at the first point of my worries the less it seems to effect my nights sleep. Sometimes I really find it hard to not think about it though I'm almost fighting with my own mind not to think about going to sleep and waking up with my heart pounding.

My main concern really is my lightheadedness... does anybody else get this really bad? I gave go from having it 24/7 for days! to on and off all day. Sometimes it gets really bad and I feel like I'm going to faint. No other problems occur with these though? no chest pain... no headaches, it will literally just pop out of nowhere. I saw a head consualtant the other day who very much didnt batter an eyelid at the lightheadedness, he checked my blood pressure and listended to my heart he said everything was fine. Ive got more blood tests coming up on wednesday to check my chelstrol and bits like that...


Hi again, sorry I take a while to respond I only check every so often but you can always email me.

Yes! I have had the constant lightheadedness, and I have had feelings of dizziness, and those are still stress.

The most you stress about it, even without knowing, the more your body is responding to it. Ugh, I even had weird feelings before where I was like ( am I real). How do I know I'm really here! Sounds weird to say now but I'm telling you! Stress does awful thins to your mind and body. I know it's hard to really take advice from people when your feeling this way.. But I have been there. And I can promise you, if you watch your sugar, don't eat junk... Do the yoga videos.. You WIll get better. It will pass.


Hi Ldubosque,

I keep getting eposides of when I'm asleep I wake up to a racing heart and then I will get these sudden very quick bursts od what I can only explain as... you know that feeling you get before youre about to black out... that feeling but I never do pass out? I'm convinced there is something wrong with my heart. But my GP says its absoultely fine! I'm going for my 4th ECG on Monday... but do they really show if anything is wrong with my heart? I keep getting dull aches in my legs too...I had the blood test to check for blood clots a few months back, but googled that this isnt 100% effective. Nobody wants to help me


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