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Hey guys, I've just found this site- I'm suffering anxiety and depression... needing some advice pls :(

Everytime the littlest thing happens... I catastrophize the situation in my head and beat myself up.

I over think EVERYTHING.

I'm seeing a psychologist to try and help me deal with things a little better but thought i'd ask you guys if you had any advice, if anyone was suffering anything similar?

I feel like i'm losing my mind and I have no control over it... I'm hard on myself, I tell myself I'm a failure and that I'm going to lose all my friends and family because of how I'm feeling.

If I don't get invited somewhere I automatically assume its because the person doesn't like me.

I'm not happy in my job - I feel like I suck at it.

Wow I sound like a very depressing person! Haha. But i'm struggling guys... normally I like to think i'm a happy bubbly person, but this has taken over and I don't know how to deal with it anymore :(

I didn't get out of bed all day today... WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME :(

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HI and welcome. STOP BEING SO HARD ON YOUR SELF.............your only human and it sounds like your seeking advice and trying to help yourself so well done for that, that in its self is a huge step i know. are you on any meds? x


Hey Sam,

Thanks for your response..

No I'm currently not on any meds... i'm trying to get through it as much as I can before I take that step...


If I was to try meds is there any that you recommend? Have you been/are you on meds? xx


its different for everyone, im on fluoxatine but i had to try a few before i found what suited me. they all have side effects its just down to what you can tollorate. x


Try and keep off meds if possible,


Hi Mel, Sorry to hear you are suffering. sounds like you are trying to do what you can to get yourself through this. have you considered cbt. this is a way of retraining our thoughts. our thoughts cause our feelings and cbt is a way of trying to stop those negative thoughts. CBT is available trough anxiety uk.


hi mel,

I am exactly the same. I feel like i cant deal with lifes little problems. I find it hard to except people have bad days, having suffered from depression due to my anxiety i get really worried if i have a bad day as i assume it will spiral into depression. People around me tell me to relax, but i find it so hard to do so. From the outside I am a confident person, but people close to me know i suffer from anxiety. I am desperate to start living life not held back by worries of things that may or may not every happen.

I would say go see your gp, i did. medication may help with some of the symptoms and give you the boost to then try and deal with the anxiety through other means. thats the stage i am at now.


also about loosing your mind. I read something very interesting. If you think you're loosing your mind the chances are you're NOT because someone truly going crazy would not have this insight. But yes i get this too it feels like you're going crazy, but the fact that you're achknowleding it means youre most probably not!


Hi there,


This is is exactly what i'm like!! Alot of people think i'm a confident out going person (which I am/used to be)... but now anxiety and over thinking seems to have taken over :(

Thank you so much for your response... I have been trying to deal with things alone and with my pshychologist, it's really comforting to know there are people out there who truly understand what i'm going through!!

After my next session I might talk to her about medication and see if there is anything my pshyolgist can recommend.

KAZ12345- What exactly is CBT??

Hope you're all having a good day



Re: Losing my mind- This is very true! Haha.. hopefully I'm not losing my mind... I just feel like during the day sometimes I have little to no control over my thoughts.... so when I try and 'block the negative thoughts'.... I don't have much success at all... I catastrophize situations and make them out to be alot worse than they really are!


hi Mel, CBT is cognitive behaviour therapy. It's a way of retraining your thoughts so that we don't immediately catastrophise at everything. a way of stopping the what ifs. It should be available through your gp but is also available through AnxietyUK. There are books you can buy if you wanted to explore it yourself, some with worksheets etc. I am avery negative thinker and Overthink everything but am trying to change this.


Thanks so much Kaz! This sounds perfect and exactly what I need!! You and I sound very similar in the over thinking sense of things!!

I will definately look into this :) Thanks xx


hi. im knew on here,iv been suffering this same things as you,beating myself up and i over think things also. and i worry too much aswell. im also on meds for this and they do help a little. do you take meds?? go out for walks and have friends round or even just have some you time. i find that helps but not a lot.


Mel and Kaz and jodie - Hello. Take it from an old gal who has wasted a lot of her life worrying - take the meds, more in low periods, and less when you're not so low. This is an illness same as any other. Avoid situations which stress you (as much as possible) just like a person with headaches might avoid load noise. I guess you feel ashamed and unloved, but that really is imaginary. Bet you are sensitive and kind people, or you wouldn't be like this. There honestly is light at the end of this tunnel. Visualise it and head for it. Tell yourself that this anxiety isn't worth it, because it isn't. It won't change the world, it won't solve anything. Keep yourself healthy and accept yourself. I honestly know what you are going through and I feel very deeply for you. You are human, you are worthwhile, you deserve to live as well as anyone does. Smile in the mirror and learn to love yourself as much as you love others. You can do it - if I can, anyone can, because I have been a complete waste of space at times! (some people think I still am, but I don't care)


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