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Help, my daughter is suffering from depression and has progressively bad Anxiety what can I do to help her?

Hi my daughter has suffered from depression for a few years now and taking medication last year, and has self harmed and has seen psychiatrist and had councelling sessions and after them finishing a few months later shes bad again, she feels worried in large areas at school assemblies, out in town, on bus etc and I thought initialy was just difficulty bieng a teenager, but she feels sick ,dizzy her sleep has got really bad waking up in night and crack of dawn not being able to get back to sleep. she had recent blood tests saying her cortisol level is 639 range ( 171-536) ( I have after a while of looking at my health realised I have been suffering from Anixety for few years thinking it was realated to other health issues ) and my level is 670 I have seen on print outs this could be related to stress) surely my daughters is really high considering she is only 15, and am seeing dr today with her, Can anyone help me with how I can support her? what I can do to help her, is anyone in the same situation? I am worried DR will say they cant do anything for her just more councelling.

Please can anyone help?



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Hi Corinne

I am so sorry to read what you are going through

I hope you get some help when you see the GP this afternoon

Counselling doesnt always work the first time & sometimes takes several times , so I wouldnt dismiss accepting more if it is offered

I have not been in your position but I no others on here that have

I hope they see you post & will give you some good advise :-)

Keep taking as knowing you are not alone & been able to get it of your chest does help





Hi there, so sorry to hear this, my daughters also had severe depression , anxiety also psychosis, hallucinations, abrupt mood swings you name it shes gone through it !

Hope youve got some help from doctor, they should refer her to camhs (child and adolescent mental health service) you definitely need some help with this she may need to go back on meds and have more counselling, my daughters been on meds just over a year and while she's a lot better she still has relapses every so often, shes having a really bad day today , I know how helpless it can make you feel seeing your daughter suffering with this, your not alone, sorry cant be more help right now x

Mimii xx


Hi Corinne

Sorry to hear your daughter's having such a rough time. I have a 15 yr old daughter too who is seeing a therapist at camhs for emetophobia, health anxiety, general anxiety disorder, panic attacks among other things. They have assessed her as not having depression, but low mood, due to her anxiety.

I can understand how you're feeling, it's horrible. I find it really brings home that all we really want for our children is for them to be happy. I'm afraid I can't think of any advice, I struggle myself & it sounds like you've been contacting all the right people. I do find being here with others who understand makes me feel less alone though :)

Hope the doctor was helpful, let us know how you're both doing.



Is your daughter under camhs. They are very good. 1 of my grand daughters is under them and my sons niece is also. A lot more younger people are suffering from mental health problems. I think they are facing a lot of pressures. I am sure the services will not just dismiss this, it needs sorting out. She sounds as if she needs some psychological input. I think they are reluctant to give out too many meds at this age. They need to find out what is the root of the anxiety. Take care


Hi All,

Thanks for your replys, My daughter is on medsfor depression, and saw DR yesterday and is going to refer her to one to one counceling with the junction who she has senn before, ive noticed more of her anxiety while out and her physical mannerisms even when shes at home in her comfort zone. Have tryed natural med to help her sleep which seems to be ok at moment and has helped a bit. I so want to make everything ok for her instantly but know it wont be that easy! just glad i'm more aware and can give that extra hug and listen to her.

Thanks for all your support,



Hi my daughter went through exactly the same, this is what I found out, she has persoality disorder its like bipolar ,read up and see if your daughter fits the catagory, try and find out which music she likes get meditation tapes with her music , subliminal cds can go accross the sub concious . I hope this is new ideas good luck write up how your copping Gina


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