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All over the shop

Hey I've had a really up and down day today. I seem to go from being relaxed and happy to stressed, anxious and low. I didn't sleep well last night so that's probably not helped.

Didn't manage to get out with my friends today they all had other plans which I completely understand. So I've been left with my thoughts for most of the day.

Did get out and walk the dog with my niece and she said how unhappy I am at the minute, but she was so sweet about the whole thing. So then I started beating myself up as to why I can't be the happy fun uncle she has alway known.

I feel so out of place blogging on here today my problems seem so inconsequential. I've just had enough with this whole situation. I keep trying to get past it and be happy, but thing keep dragging me down.

Sorry for being on a downer today guys. Hope you've all managed to enjoy the sunshine.

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Hi Will,

Sorry you're feeling so low tonight.

I find weekends tough too. I'm busy at work during the week and understand how to function there. It's my safe space.

At the weekend the hours stretch out infront of you. Going out socially is an effort for me. I find it so stressful. Yet I hate being alone with my thoughts and my lack of motivation.

I know there's more to life than work for five days: sleep for two but it's so hard.

I think you did well going out with your niece for a walk. Try not to be hard on yourself for being downbeat around her. She'll just love that you chose to spend time with her :)

Take Care,



Hey lizard thanks for your comments I find the weekends harder also work has been a god send this last few weeks as its kept me busy during the week and kept my brain occupied. I'm so proud of my niece she is only 10, but is so understanding about the whole situation she got a good head on her shoulders that one lol. She said to me yesterday I know it's easier for everyone to keep telling you to cheer up, but they don't know how your feeling.

Hope you've had a good weekend and have managed to keep yourself busy.



Stop it , your down days are your down days no matter what it is , if its making you feel bad you do the right thing like you have done & blog

Never be sorry either for been on a downer , we all have them , you are one of us , so you can have them to

Some days just end up been like this , sometimes we see a reason why , other days we don't seem to no why

You did get out though & did the best you could with the way you are feeling today , so please feel proud & don't beat yourself up

Hope tomorrow brings a better day for you





Thanks again for your words whywhy. I think the reason I apologise for being on a downer is because I'm so used to dealing with my problems on my on that sharing them is still an alien concept to me. I know I've said it before, but I'm also not used to feeling this way so it's just all a bit confusing to me. Thankfully everyone on here is so understanding and helpful.

Thanx again

Willrich x


You no longer have to deal with them on your own , we are all here & understand , you are never on your own now

Hope you can get used to that feeling & keep blogging

Hope you are having a better day



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