I discovered something amazing today.. feeling pretty good!

Today when I woke up I felt about as awful as I can feel from anxiety. Nothing felt real, my heart was racing, I was nauseous and dizzy and disoriented. I thought I was going to spend the whole day in bed feeling sick and asking my boyfriend for help or to take me to the hospital. But then I realized no. I didn't want to have a bad day. So I ignored all of my symptoms (and they stayed bad for a while) and I took a shower, got ready, ate and took my dog outside all while feeling awful and scared. But slowly as I got more and more productive the anxiety started to disappear. I was able to go to the eye doctor with my boyfriend and help him pick out some glasses without feeling sick or scared. Then I went shopping with my friend at the mall and she came back to my house to watch a movie. Now I have almost no anxiety. I feel pretty content. from now on I'm going to try, no matter how terrible and scary my symptoms get, to just ignore them and go about my day. Eventually maybe they'll go away altogether!


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  • Hi someone, well done you, it's so hard sometimes. You should be proud of what you did today that's a huge step 😊 X X x

  • thats great and i hope i can think like this tomorrow as im nearly always depressed first thing and still tired. but this will be the last post i read tonight im going to bed now. its 2.26am. good for you and thanks for posting that as i said it will try and put it into practises when i wake up tomorrow. love grace xoxoxo🌻

  • NOT EZ

  • Definitely not easy!

  • Fantastic, well done! As a recovered sufferer this was the method I used to get better. With practice, after a few bumps on the road it starts to disappear. Just keep living your life to the best of your ability and in time the anxiety loses its power.

    Take your time and be compassionate on yourself.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi david

    CaN i ask what methods you have used to get to recovery please.


  • First thing on a morning seems to be so hard!! It was for me!! I soon realised I had to be the master of my own mind and not its slave!! I told myself constantly I wouldn't give in to it, I made myself do things to occupy myself. Walked, sorted things out. Have myself a task everyday. You wouldn't give into it!! When you suddenly realise you have that power it's like feeling a huge weight lifting from your shoulders🙏🏻 long may it last for you😀Each day should feel like a gift to us not a trial. Wishing you a great day👍

  • For me it was a matter of learning not to fight the anxiety, but just let it come at you. In other words you have to kind of step back from your own mind, tell yourself these are just thoughts, as almost observe your own mind.Eventually, the anxiety calms down, it always does.

    Be compassionate on yourself, and give yourself time as this takes a lot of practise.

    I also used Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and meditation to rewire my brain.

    Hope this helps, but use whatever works for you.Believe me you will get there.

    Wish you well on your road to recovery.


  • Great effort I'm happy for you! That is the best way to beat it keep it up :)

  • Oh wow thank you for all the support! This is the best community :)

  • That's brilliant well down maybe we could all try a to do that a bit often I get pretty worried about my symptoms and sometimes just lie down maybe I might have the courage to try this soon thank you for the inspiration xxxx

  • I love reading posts like these just makes u feel there is some hope im glad u got up and did what u have to do we all have to try and beat this thing.

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