Worst week ever!

God where do I start. I have had the worst week! 4 nights of not sleeping has affected me massively, both physically and mentally. Physically I was obviously very tired, felt nauseous, had a runny nose, dry mouth which I still have now. Mentally I was very depressed very anxious, crying loads, couldn't concentrate. Had to have 2 days off work which I was not happy about. Thursday I picked up some sleeping tabs from the doctors. My friend said her son in law swears by night nurse so I picked up a bottle of that aswell. That night I had a tab and a cap full of night nurse. I slept for 6 hours solid. Friday night I just had night nurse, I had a capful but decided one wasn't enough so I had a big swig out of the bottle. I then felt dizzy so went to bed. Woke up this morning feeling really groggy. I had to go out shopping and when I was in the supermarket I felt very panicky. This stayed with me all day 🙁

This has led me to ask:-

1. To the women, do you feel like your anxiety is to do with your hormones, getting worse around the time of your period? I have had this feeling for years but because I have the coil I don't get periods so it's really hard to tell.

2. Has anyone taken night nurse for sleep and if so did you feel like I did today?

3. Does anyone have a constant dry mouth like I have now. I'm gonna make a doctors appointment about this I think. And also talk about my hormones.

Hope everyone is ok and has had a better week than me!


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  • Omg yeesssssss my anxiety is HORRRIIDD around the time of my cycle, AND around the time of ovulation. I noticed this last year and like Iooked into it and it's actually very common

  • Yes yes...my worst attack started before my period, PMS, and before my worst attack, I noticed that I had difficulty in sleeping days before my period.

  • Hormones have a great deal to do with it. I am the same, really calm and happy for 2 weeks then bam, really tired, groggy, tearful and not a happy bunny at all

  • How can we prevent it? Sigh...my period just got started 2 days ago...but before my period I went thru hell...that is why my doctor raised my dosage. Sigh...

  • Well I dont know other than talk it through with our GPs. Im at the age of maybe going through the change so I have the option of hormone replacement therapy but weather it will help im not sure.

  • I see. I talked about it to my psych, ummm..she told me it might be hormonal, but...yeah hopefully.

    Are you currently feeling better now?

  • I am ok at the moment thank you, feeling better yeah x

  • I was bad when I was on the pill years ago Mumof347 .. Had early menopause and put on the HRT patch which worked wonders for me, I hope it works well for you..

  • Ah ok thank you for that sky dancer that is reassuring x

  • I remember having a conversation with my mental health doctor and she said about my diet and how much it can affect it too. She said to me that high sugar cereal is to be avoided in the morning as it will give a false sense of energy and you come crashing down with fatigue in the afternoon, she was right. I usually crave carbs which means my insulin levels are out so I have fruit, dehydration is a fact too, I have changed what I eat but still crave the naughties Lol, worth looking into

  • Too many food to avoid T___T sugar/sweets, salty etc. Sigh...slowly I am adjusting my diet, but sigh...so hard, but I got no caffeine, no smoking, I can say I am caffeine and nico free for almost 2 months now. Soo hard..but really...it's for me.

    Sigh...too hard to prep. Healthy breakfast though...need to run from work urgently 😑 and and I got hypeacidity too...so I need to eat kinda heavy during work time. Sigh...too hard..but anyway, I need to fight! 😊 Hope you are doing okay mam.

  • Yeah I know what you mean, it is time consuming changing your lifestyle, worth it though. Its maintaining I have some struggles with, so I slip back and I feel down about that, im doing ok generally though

  • Good to hear about you doing okay. Sigh...I am hoping soob that I could trace from my journal that the one that is causing my full swing anxiety is my period. At least by that, I can pattern my meds from low to high dosage whenever needed...sigh.

    Usually mam, how many rough days do you got in a month?

    Me recently when I was diagnosed, I got bad/rough days for 1-2 weeks

  • I see ok good idea, I usually have 2 weeks out of the month, like yourself, where I feel down and moody and off my food

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