Not much longer to wait :-)

Hi all, this week as gone quick and it's Friday tomorrow. Yay wats the sex? I'm so excited but abit worried as well. It's only natural to worry. I will post tomorrow afternoon as soon as I get back.

Been ok mostly this wk. was a little bit anxious last night, nothing to bad. I'm still doing moodgym and it does help. If ur looking for self help I wud advice on doing it. I tried it last year but never passed the first module but now I'm half wat thou and am finding it very helpful. Hope ur all ok xxx

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  • Hi Donaf.

    I hope its good news for you tomorrow what do you want.

    Kenny xxxx

  • you must be so excited!

  • Hi

    I have been thinking about you today when I realized it was Friday tomorrow & if you hadn't posted I was going to come & find you because I want to know to :-D

    Its so exciting :-)

    It's natural to be worried I think most Mums are but everything will be ok & cant wait to see your post tomorrow , don't keep us waiting to long or my anxiety might go up :-/




  • Good t hear you're doing ok. ill look out for your post tomorrow.

    Good Luck :)


  • Good luck, I'm still sticking to a girl. You wouldn't be normal if you didn't feel a bit anxious about it. Xxx

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