Trying not to go on dr. Google

Well I was doing ok today for the earlier part. Now as night fall hit I began to start thinking all kinds of things which now has me on edge a bit. Also my mood had gone down. I'm tired I know for sure. Haven't been getting as good of sleep as I'd hope the last 3 days. Had a panic attack late last night finally fell asleep probably around 3 or 4 am and had to be back up at 830 am. But I had opened my eyes ever since about 7 am which means I've been up since 7 this morning which puts me at 14 hours of being up. So I'm sure I'm tired mentally, also I've been having racing thoughts awaiting my menustral to come on today. Now get this, for the last 3 months I had noted my cycle to be a 26 day cycle. And as I've noted in my calendar on my phone my menustral has actually come on exactly in 26 days for the last 3 months which this month should put me at today. Well me why now did I pick this month to be worried or thinking about it. It hasn't come on yet but I feel all the usual syptoms of it. The back ache, stomach cramp and upset, yesterday was a little nausea. But now I bet just because I'm worried if its gonna come on it probably will be late or something will happen. Also not to mention I've been going to the bathroom to tinkle every like 30 minutes to an hour. Which normally I probably would have not been so worried becauseI remember times going through this but it's like Ive been paying it too much attention today and yesterday and also I noticed since yesterday every time I tinkle at the last drop of it I get a sensation like not quite burning or sting, but sort of like it. Not to a point it hurts bad but I definitely notice it and I can't stop thinking about it every time I use it. Now im worried i have something or an infection. And now I have a new thing on my mind all day and I am trying so hard not to hit the Google button. And hope for my worry sake that my menustral please come on tonight or early morning so my mind can be a some kind of ease even though it would mean I hAve to endure what I go through when it's that time of the month. Sorry if it's tmi. Does anybody know what I'm going through?


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  • NEVER GOOGLE. I gave it up and it truly helps!

  • I agree. I've tried so hard to stay off of it

  • internet, google, facebook ......... dont use unless its for a proper work ......... i use for searching for anxiety treatments and get more anxiety lol

  • Yes I have decided to stay away from Facebook and Google as I know those two alone can be bearer of bad news some times.

  • Never google !!! Lol I could totally be a hypochondriac if I let myself be as well . My nan is in hospital and I've been reading up on her illness and a lot of the stuff I'm like "omg I have that symptom " lol but I don't . Have you been to see a therapist? Have you read any self help books for anxiety? I'm reading a good workbook right now teaching breathing techniques and mindfulness . I can send you the name and author when I get home if you like ? Hope your feeling better !

  • Yes Google is awful. I never leave off Google happy or in a positive mood

  • Dr Google and posting on forums too much can be bad. Even this forum which is mostly good will drag you down if you're on too much. Just remember online horror stories are the worst case scenario and dr google is the same.

  • I honestly had began to see how too much of anything isn't good. And yes I can see how even posting on this forum or being on it constantly can add to it. I've become so depending on looking on here every day to see others post and to a point that soon as I go through my problems I come right here. And not try to deal with my issue head on. But I do love this forum but I get what you mean.

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