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Run short of a few things so decided to go to Morrys,I was a little anxious before I went ,got a taxi ther but half way round Morrys felt panic building up,o crap,however started some deep breathing in thru my nose out thru my mouth ,wasn't going well but I kept it up till I got in a taxi for home started to feel better as we came up my street,definitely need a change of meds I think ,went out yest was ok ,apart from the cold, although I was nr home,today I wasn't near home ,must happen I think if I get out of my comfort zone,so sick of it now

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Hi Meg.

Well done for staying in control its a hard thing to do when your in the grip of an anxiety attack. You should try and use it as a positive to beat it next time.

Well done :) Kenny xxx


Hi kenny,it wasnt very pleasant going round Morrys trying to keep control,in fact it was awfull,I prayed as well for our dear lord to help me till I got home ,you know k two yrs ago this never worried me ,I could go anywhere ,do anything and now I have to think every time I want to leave the house,not nice


Hi Meg,

Just remember now that you did do how ever bad it was. You carried on with your shopping and got it done. So well done you I say. I know it is not easy to come out of your comfort zone but boy oh boy you did.

Gardener x


Aww thanks love,just wish with all my heart it would stop happening Hun ,hugs xxxx


Hi Meg

You did well working through the panic attack & carrying on well done :-)

Hope you have a lovely evening :-)





Thanks bev,bit anxious but coping ,just wishing things were different xxxx


hi meg , and well done, certainly not nice having an attack of anxiety especially in a big store, did the right thing with your breathing, they say by doing your breathing control for a certain length of time, it works quicker than taking a diazepam, could always check with your doc about your meds as well, take care.xx


Thank u jasper,that's good to know ,hope u and ur good lady are ok ,hugs xxxx


Hi meg

Don't let that panic steal how proud you should be of yourself! You was really brave to go out shopping and not flee the supermarket once you felt bad :-) big achievements xxx


Thats kind of u to say so Hun,just wish these things weren't happening to me all the time,I'm usually ok if I'm with someone


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