Have been I'll for a week with tummy trouble,I went out today .got on the bus ,which quickly got full ,3prams were blocking the isle ,started to panic couldn't breathe,it was awfull,iv started back on my prozac,2wks ago and thought I was doing ok,I also have a phobia about our new bus station,silly as that is,because it's now so far from the town shops ,I feel out of my comfort zone,is this just a smll setback?


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  • Hi Meg, I'm pleased to hear you are feeling better after your tummy upset. Your little episode I think was just a blip. You did really well going out on the bus at this time of year. Really well done for doing it. I had a blip today as well in the co-op because I got warm and it was crowded with a long queue! I get scared if I cannot get to the exit quickly.

    Have a good rest this evening and tomorrow is a new day with new feelings.

    Take care xx

  • Had a bit of a blip on sat when out shopping with a friend, I started to feel very sick as if iwas gonna pass out,my friend said I went grey,we got out and went for a bite to eat,turns out I'd not had breakfast ,only a drink,silly me,my bp had dropped

  • With me it seems to be buses,u wait ages for a bus then they stop at every stop on thewayvto town ,I'm not bad if the windows r open but today they were shut,and packed and the aisles were blocked ,I'd just gone down forthe last few Xmas prezzys,it's spoiled my day

  • Hi meg

    Just a little blip I would say like Winter

    You sound like you have been doing really well , better than I could do :-)

    The meds will be working but can take a little while

    Oh you must try & make sure you eat other wise you will have these funny turns !

    Glad you tummy upset seems to have improved as well :-)

    Well done in what you have achieved , going on buses can be a daunting thing & I no what you mean about them stopping at every stop , think it gets to most people when that happens

    Hope you have a lovely evening :-)




  • Have an ap on fri with my gp,as although going to te loo has cleared my old tum is still very gippy,it still doesn't feel right,said she will take some bloods if it hadn't cleared

  • Let us no how you go on , will be thinking about you :-)


  • Ok love I will xxx

  • Nite nite ,god bless xxxx

  • Night Meg :-)

    Hope you get a good nights sleep :-)


  • I think I know how you feel about crowded transport...I went on a tube train on Sunday rush...the only thing that prevented the 'panic' was the silly thoughts and banter with the OH about a video game called 'mount your friends'...think we were making lots of friends on that train ;) new strategy for me to test - silly/funny thoughts to keep those other ones out

    sam xx

  • I do my best to focus on something like today,but I panicked as I was far from home,I haven't had 1for a while,it's weird that it started on the bus,it's really put me off going out

  • I don't think many of us with anxiety like change and things around you have changed and you will get used to them ... it's just throws you at first. I am sure that it is a wee setback that you will soon get over.

    Hope that you get on ok with your doctor and that you are feeling better soon.Love Julie xxx

  • Thank you Julie xxx

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