I don't like Mondays

Morning guys I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was confusing, but hey ho. Feeling fairly good so far this morning, but it's gonna be a bit of a day. For one thing it's Monday and who honestly likes Mondays :) It's also 5 years today since my dad passed away and with everything else going on with me at the moment I've got a feeling I could end up getting stressed out really quickly. Here's hopping I don't get given a crap job today.

Well I'm gonna try and stay positive and just try and get through today. Hope everyone has a good Monday and a better week.



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7 Replies

  • Sending you positive thoughts x

  • Hope you have a good day. I always found that deliberately taking a time out to go for a ten minute walk has helped me in the past. Especially on a day like today is for you.

  • Hi Will

    Try & stay positive , I no when my Mums anniversary comes up I dread it & its been 10 years , now what I do is remember it but at the same time not focus on it , only been able to do it the last 2 years , but its worked

    Hope your day goes well




  • hi whywhy, sorry about your mum, its hard i know when i think of my dad. i do that reme,ber but try not to really focus on it which sounds funny but you know what i mean. hope your doing well. x

  • I do Sam , it does sound odd , I no , you are still remembering but at the same time without sounding awful , for me , its not dwelling to much , still may be doesn't sound right , but maybe we no what we are on about even if no one else does :-D with me that's usually is the case there is only me knows what I am talking about , but to me I make sense ..or maybe not ;-)

    Hope you are well to


  • hi will,my dad died eight years ago and on the date he died i always feel down but just remeber he wouldnt want you being sad over him. hope your day goes well and try and put this weekend behind you. x

  • Hi Will

    Just sending you a big warm hug to help you through this horrible day..........

    Keep looking forward, just day by day....... but forward.....

    Ker xxx

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