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Back spasm!

I was just getting ready to settle down & enjoy new year`s tv, when I simply turned round & my lower back suddenly spasmed up. I was unable to stand up without being in agony. It`s not the first time this has happened. Painkillers don`t help much,& neither does Voltarol. Does anyone on this site know how to deal with this sort of pain, & prevent it happening again?

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Hi Hairyfairy.

Muscle spasm is an awful thing, have you tried heat patches they may help. I have never suffered with them so am not able to say what works. Your GP might be able to give you something stronger.

Take care Kenny xxxxx


I don't know how to stop them but I do get them. I find sometimes heat works in the form of a hot water bottle or cold in the form of an ice pack. The other thing is and I don't mean to be rude but having good pelvic control helps support the back. The muscles basically take the strain so your back does less work i think is how it works. Pilates is good for this. I did try heat patches but found they were quite expensive, not big enough and didn't have enough sticky. But i agree it hurts.

You have my sympathy and a gentle hug



Hi there,

Yes I do suffer with muscle spasms. I use a tens machine and I take co codomal. Hope you get better soon x


Hi, I've had this happen 2 or 3 times & have been given a few diazepam by the doc. It acts as a muscle relaxant, only thing that has worked for me.

Hope you find something that helps



Dear Hairyfairy,

I am sorry to read that you are suffering from lower back pain.

I am a physiotherapist. From what I have read in your blog I would recommend that you see your GP who will examine you and discuss your treatment options with you.

warmest regards,



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