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Germs. This house is full of GERMS!

I had another busy weekend. My Brother came home from London and it was lovely for my parents to have him home for a day, gifts were opened, drinks were drunk and I almost choked on a marble (don't ask, but he made me do it lol) We went to see family and he met Molly the insane but cute puppy, she loved him. Mum also loved her Owl me, Simon and his girlfriend Treacle adopted for her. Twink is the Owl's name and he sent Mum a Christmas Card, I did joke I was shocked an Owl could write lol.

Now seeing as Simon only had a day, we hadn't time to see everyone. Dad's sister, my other Aunt, isn't feeling good so she asked us to to visit just in case. Then she wrote on Facebook ' That's nice of you, don't worry about me. I will post your bloody birthday cards'. She told us to stay away but then acted like a child! She is really doing my head in. She is 56 not 15 but I feel she has got worse once her Mother, my Grandma, died in 2012. Don't ask us to stay away and then be a cow to us online!

Then Saturday night Simon did get the wrong bus ticket home. So he stayed over an extra night, Mum loved that, and left early on Sunday morning. It was lovely to see him again, shame Treacle had to work but they needed the money! Tomorrow it's his birthday so I hope he has a nice day.

Then Sunday morning, I woke up burning and coughing a lung up. Yes another cold! I blame Dad for this one too. So I an now full of a horrible cold and I have to work on Friday but I will see how I feel then. I rather not spread this around like the other cold or bug I had in early December.

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Sounds like you had a lovely time with your Brother visiting & what an usual present he got your Mum :-)

Sorry you have a cold again , I think sometimes when we have anxiety we get run down & easily pick virus's up , but I agree if people would stop at home & not go into work/schools maybe it would help to stop them spreading !

I think though people are under so much pressure not to have time of & schools seem more interested in their attendance performance that is why everyone keeps turning up no matter how bad they feel or the fact someone else is going to catch it !

Hope you shake it of soon , plenty of rest & fluids & see how you feel in a few days :-)





I am worried about not going into work. I am just a volunteer but haven't done much shifts since before Xmas. I can't see the point going in feeling like this but I don't think my boss will like me for it.

I had to laugh today. I went into town to buy myself a calendar for next year. I was in the shop for an hour with Gary Barlow in one hand and David Beckham in the other. It was a hard choice but Gary won in the end. I bet I looked strange just standing there, staring at them both and picking one lol


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