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Well no panic today had an early night did my relaxation but my family have gone out today I thought it better to take it easy

Well still dizzy did my relaxation this morning and have just come back from a wood on the side of a local hill spent an hour burning it all off think that's helped a lot I might go to the gym for a 20min walk later but see how I feel first thanks for your advise yesterday it all helps

My family have gone out for the day in vue of my blip thought a trip to the city and then a trip to cousins was not a good idea so have stayed at home think that's the best for me I'm just doing what's needed at the moment what are your thoughts on this my plan then is to read do a bit of house work and chill and if I feel the need go to the Gym latter or not as the case may be.

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Hi Stu

Sounds like you have your day all organized :-)

Doing some reading & a little housework & I emphasize a LITTLE bit of house work as I know what you are like :-/ sounds fine :-)

I know it's good to exercise I should do more , but if you have been on a walk already is there a need to go to the gym again :-o

I just sometimes wonder if you over do the exercise a bit at times & worry if you don't something will happen & if this may add to your anxiety by pushing yourself to much , it's like everything we need to do it in moderation & not push ourselves to hard

Might be wrong what I am picking up on so if I am I will say sorry now :-/

Hope you have a good day & please take a big piece of it to try & relax :-)





Yes ok I will go to the gym Tomorrow instead I think you might be right I will do the pots and lite the fire and think that will cheer my better half up :-)


Good for you Stu :-)

Have a rest you have done your exercise for today & doing something to cheer your better half up when she comes in is a great idea :-)



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