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Hi all hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I spent it with family it was ok. My son got 5 months in prison for those of you who know me on here. I'm having a bit of a wobble coz I want to go home again even though I see my family I'm starting to panic again. My son said he can't wait to get out and have a drink I went mad he's stupid after detoxing I said I will never speak to you if u drink again.! Just feel lost but I will be ok

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Morning Scoobyd.

Nice to see you again, sorry to hear your son went to prison but if it helps to get him off drink it could be worth it. I agree with you if he goes back on it he is very silly it's not often you get a second chance. Just try and be strong you have made a new home and its only your anxiety that is causing you to panic.

take care Kenny xxxx



I have been wondering how you were doing :-)

5 months he will do half of that ?

In that time a lot can change & so can he , he is maybe talking out of his bottom at the moment & when he gets out think differently but whatever he does do & I know its not easy to think this way but it is his choice & I do hope he chooses to do the right thing but meanwhile we have to tell ourselves as painful as it is we have no power over what even are kids do when they become adults & in 10 weeks or so so much can change but for now you know he is safe

Maybe you are feeling this way about your new home because of the upset with your son & its early days still since the shock of having to move & I am sure the way you feel is a blip & will pass again soon

You have done really well , you are a lot stronger than you think & you should feel proud of yourself :-)





Thanks its just some. Days I get low I think it's because we had. A visit yesterday I hate them places I asked them to open the doors quick for me because of my anxiety they did which is good but I'm not going again i hate it. He's out on the 15th February. So fingers crossed he will be good x hope you enjoyed Christmas x


You did well , I would have bee just the same in fact I had a hospital appointment a few months ago & they had to open the doors for me as I get like it in those places so can only imagine how it made you feel

Keep talking on here when you need to , you know we will do our best to help even if we haven't the answers we are good at listening & we do care :-)



Hi scoo.. Wow I can`t imagine what your going through with your son.But family is where you need to be... Not knowing your situation of coarse... But friends and family are the rocks to which we cling in troubled times..Go to them if you can ... xo steve


Hi thanks I've moved in this new house where most of my family live ie son daughter brother mum and dad. Sometimes things are just overwhelming. I like seeing them all every day but then it gets too much and I want to go back home so can't win also I've been missing my medication coz I don't see the point in it I still panic anyway. Just feeling a little down think Xmas makes some people like this x


Rock and a hard place... I guess you should renew your Meds first thing..There is a point and you'll soon see that..When we look at the alternatives.. and for some of us that means complete shutdown.....What will you choose.... I had my parents stay with me for 6 years as they got older. (both 85 now) ..Alzheimers, incontinence.. heart problems.. anxiety ad infinitum. Six years I watched them slowly age dedicated all my time to their care..Three weeks ago my older brother saved my life and took them to live with him and his wife.. The shock was overwhelming and rather being happy and relieved I tanked.. Major anxiety attack paranoia the full set of nasties..I was going to be all alone in the house What was I going to do with my time now.

Anyway.... Back to your dilemma... Me... I`d try and see the best in the family... keep busy ....make sure you get out of the house regularly... depending on the relationships you have with all concerned. I think its great actually that you can move back in... One of the things I miss about Britain.. there`s no stigma attached to living with the folks.. Over here in Canada not so much..


I live in my own house with my son my family live nearby. Not with me. Maribees my son is 27 so he's not trying to get a reaction he's been like that for years he's not a child.


Hi scoobyyd...I don't know how old your son is but, I have been thro similar myself....there comes a time when a child has to accept responsibility for their own actions.

You feel bad and I guess desperate watching it all begin again...step back....don't beat yourself will make yourself I'll if you haven't already done so....

Let him know that he has choices, both have consequences and he must take responsibility for his own actions.

I wish you all the very best of luck...sometimes they do these things to shock us...for a reaction...don't rise to the bait...tell him it's up to him.

You will still cry in the dark but he has to take control of his own life.


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