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Head Pressure, Lightheaded, and Woozy feeling - constantly


I have the following symptoms since Saturday Dec 15. 2013

I woke up Saturday December 15, 2013 with a freaked out feeling. From what I remember I thought I felt numbness in my face and hands. Actually my entire body felt numb. My brother talked me out of going to ER and said it was just anxiety. Well for almost two weeks I have had this lightheaded woozy, and spacey feeling in head. This has caused me a GREAT deal of anxiety. I have seen my Primary Physician a few times he said it is all just anxiety (he prescribed me Xanax). He did blood a regular blood work checkup as well as an in office Neuro Exam - Both normal. I went home and still had the symptoms so I had him order me a CT scan of the head just to make sure. - The CT was normal. I paid to discuss symptoms with two Neurologists online and they both said just anxiety.

So I went the anxiety route -

I took the Xanax when needed - helped a little

I have begun taking Fish Oils, Magnesium, B12, and drinking Chamomile Tea.

I have been listening to meditation YouTube videos on the train and while at work - this has helped me with the anxiety of everything (Feel pretty calm) but the head pressure and woozy,lightheaded feeling remains.

I scheduled a Neurologist visit for January 3rd

I scheduled a Chiropractor Visit for today (Dec 26) - maybe neck tension cutting of blood supply?

I am going to schedule a dental visit soon - because I recently had an extraction and I was told I may have an infection that could cause this?

Then I also want to see an ENT to discuss symptoms

I am going nuts with this lightheaded feeling. And at Christmas I was feeling intense depression and was upset that I was not my usual happy self. So today I started the meditations and feel better - but my head is still off.

What should I do next?

Thanks for everyone who reads and responds - I check these all the time and every idea/piece of advice helps tremendously!

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You have been going though it but reading your post you have had every check that you could have had done & it is not something physical

You have seen several doctors & they all can't be wrong even though our anxiety can tell us they could be , but that is what anxiety does , gives us irrational thoughts

Anxiety can give us the post dreadful symptoms just like what you have been experiencing but try & be reassured as the more you fear how you feel the more we get anxious & then it's like a viscous circle

Have you asked about any counseling , that could be something to look into that has helped many who are suffering could be an option

The medication can take quite a few weeks to work & when it does this also should help

Keep talking on here you will get lots of good advise & knowing you are not alone really does help :-)




WorriedWell in reply to Hidden

Thanks for the response!!

I agree my anxiety has amplified my symptoms. But I am sitting here pretty calm writing this (after meditation exercises) and I just have to think the pressure I am feeling is involved with my sinuses in some way. The Neuro also said to check this. I mean the dizziness and woozy feeling can get pretty extreme.

But yes I have been looking up Psychiatrists to help me with the anxiety issues.

Hidden in reply to WorriedWell

I have sinus problems & it can make you feel this way

I had a sinus wash but it didn't seem to do anything for me I think it's just something I suffer with for some reason

Let is no how you go on :-)



Hi Worried well.

I'm so sorry to hear you are having a rough time, I know you are looking down many avenues but personally it really sounds like a classic anxiety. The symptoms you describe are very common with sufferers and the light headed feeling is all part of it. I know it's hard to even begin trying to explain I haven't heard of the medication you are taking, but others on this site will have taken it, like all medication it takes time to get into your system properly usually about 4 - 6 weeks I'm sure the checks you have arranged will not show anything seriously wrong with you. Try and stay strong and keep on posting on here we will always support you as best we can.

Best wishes Kenny-w xx

WorriedWell in reply to Hidden

Thank you Kenny.

The medication that I listed is basically the list for Anti Anxiety that I had found. They are natural supplements that you can buy at GNC.(except for the Xanax) I am just shocked because I just received a promotion and bought an engagement ring for my longtime girlfriend. Everything has been positive. So you think the light headedness and woozy feeling can stay even when we are not anxious?

Hidden in reply to WorriedWell

Anxiety is a very complex thing, although you may feel perfectly well it is always in the background, it has a nasty habit of appearing out of the blue when we least expect it, the lightheaded feeling may continue, but I really don't think it is anything serious.


WorriedWell in reply to Hidden

you think this will go away in time?

Hidden in reply to WorriedWell

I genuinely believe it will

WorriedWell in reply to Hidden

Thank you Kenny!!

Hi, I'm wondering if you still check this. I see that this post is two years old. I've been struggling with the same symptoms with the addition of muscle weakness and extreme fatigue. This is it my norm. People try to write it off as anxiety, which I find slightly insulting. I know how anxiety makes me feel, but how I've been feeling for three months is not from anxiety. I would like to know if you have found a resolution.

Hidden in reply to Panjandrum4

I have had everything he described for exactly one year now. It is frustrating. I have had several tests but all came back normal. I sure don't feel normal.

28461 in reply to Hidden

Its not a normal feeling , I don't feel it normal.... there is this sansation every day from when I stand up after I get out of bed ... Its so disturbing that I truly dont know what to do any more...

Mpershing in reply to 28461

Ive been feeling the same way and its almost been a year. There is no relief and its disheartening. What I feel isn't a dizzy feeling...its lightheadedness. Constant lightheadedness

Agora1 in reply to Mpershing

Hi Mpershing, have you been checked out by a doctor? Was anxiety ever mentioned as the cause of the lightheadedness? It is a symptom of anxiety but can also be caused by other medical issues. It if is anxiety caused it can be from a number of things. From shallow breathing, dehydration, intense stress in your life as well as certain medications.

Let us know a little more about the circumstances leading up to a year ago and any other pertinent info. We are always here to answer any concerns regarding anxiety and it's issues. x

Sadinio in reply to Panjandrum4

I just started getting this two or three weeks ago after working at a summer camp while I was in a different town for a week with my friend. I figured maybe I just wasn't use to the changes of being back from camp, but it lasted the whole week I was with her. Now I've been home for a few weeks and it came back a few days ago. I almost feel like I could black out. I'm only 17 and I already have bad anxiety and I'm known to be quite the hypochondriac so everybody's writing it off as nothing but I really can't perform my day to day tasks like this and I'm not sure how to deal with school when it comes back around because I'm in 3 clubs and dual enrolled. Could stress make it worse? Has anyone found that out? I'm just worried it will never go away... Someone please find the answer :(

Sadinio in reply to Sadinio

And also, I have that woozy type feeling. Where you feel fatigued and a little loopy and nauseous. I have moments where I am just totally out of it.

timtheturtle in reply to Sadinio

How are you feeling? Did you get anywhere?

Sadinio in reply to timtheturtle

Hey I actually haven't had any dizziness since I started school in August. I'm hoping for the best. But it might not come back. I'm not exactly very healthy so that may have had to do with it. I don't know :(

Hidden in reply to Sadinio

If it comes back, you might want to have your doc test for Lyme disease. All sorts of biting insects carry it now, not just ticks. Hope you're doing better. 

I have the same question and I'm wondering if anyone has found the solution. I been feeling the numbness on my tongue my hands face legs and even chest pains. all I keep getting is that it is anxiety and even when it could feel a bit insulting I just want to find a solution :( now anything I feel wrong with me I go into a panic stage thinking to myself what if it isn't anxiety and there's something really wrong with me. my main consern I want to get better for my little ones anyone with advice please what else can i do?

I have been dealing with this for months except I get facial twitches I was just put on anxiety meds three days ago I still feel the same but I get strange head aches I panic so easily fiance says its stress causing this but I've got a refurel to go see neurologist its scares me to death we have a three year old and one in the oven she is due in sept

Going through some what the same, and have little ones as well.. Did anything work for you?

WorriedWell Since the first weekend on this month, I've had this feeling too. It's gone through my family but stayed with me. Doctor told me it's a bug but asked me to keep an eye on it. I am trying to not think about it, chill out and have a nice Xmas and New Year. If I still feel the same in Jan I will get some tests done but for now, I am thinking it's a cold or bug x

So you still have this now? I mean constant spacey feeling with head pressure? He said it was a bug? Did he give yiu anything for it

Also I don't really feel sick really

I got a tension headache feeling and behind my eyes I feel pressure. He told me it's normal and told me to take pain killer and drink water. I don't have the full on dizzy feeling, the room doesn't spin and I don't feel sick. I just believe it's a bug x

Hi worriedwell . I have the exact same symptoms. Identical. I'm spaced out all the time. Really bad head pressure and dizziness.

I got this initially a few years ago , after doing many tests the doctor told me its anxiety. I had a tough time believing it. He then pipit me in celexa. Ssri. After a couple of months I started to feel a little better, however I had to stay on the meds. Now a few years later the feelings and all the symptoms are back. I went back to another doctor band did all tests. As of yesterday I got all my results back at normal. But I'm confident it must be something that is making us feel this way to this extreme even when we are not anxious. Just like you I have suffered all the the holiday with these symptoms and worries.

I also thought if going to a Chiro. Cause I read online this might be a small reason why. Do u have really tight neck muscles or pain ?

I have to figure out what is wring and what is causing this cause it's ruining my life. I will keep u posted of everything and you do the same please.

I hate this feeling so much that it's causing depression. It's definitely very scary.

Keep me posted. You can also email me at farah1129@hotmail.com

AND EVERYONE ELSE, any help and advice you may have will much be appreciated.

Thank yiu.

Sraiva in reply to Fifinaz

I've been dealing with this feelings since the last year, and I also, get depressed . I've been to ER twice, seen so many doctors and they can not find anything. Psychiatrist is my last hope. I am 54 yo and I feel like 80 yo. Always tired, woozy and now depressed!

sinnamon66 in reply to Fifinaz

I been having the same problems. Do any of you feel like you can't wake up for day? Feel like you just had surgery and trying to wake up from it. I do this a lot. Have chest pain shortness of breath and thinking is very hard to do sometimes. I have heart population (skipping of the heart beats) Been to the hospital many times thinking I am having a heart attack. Have passed out many times. Is this something you have to or do you think it might be a good idea to look into it more any ideas what test I should ask to be done? Thank you for your help.

sooperdc in reply to sinnamon66

I was having many of these dizzy symptoms as well as chest pains on occasion. Have you been sitting at a computer, desk, or driving a lot? Chronic bad posture is associated with a lot of the symptoms mentioned in this post. Ive been going through PT to release tension in my upper neck. In the past I lost consciousness twice, have dizziness everyday, and have had random chest pains, especially while lying down. Check out this site to start out. The severity of my symptoms was drastically reduced after PT and massage therapy. round-earth.com/HeadPainInt...

sooperdc in reply to sooperdc

Oh, and I also have anxiety. Many of my symptoms are magnified when I get anxious, including some strange visual disturbances. I have been in a stressful job environment for almost 7 years now, and I sit at a computer for up to 12 hours a day/night. Tension, anxiety, tight muscles have all contributed to my current condition. Again, upper cervical PT with stretching exercises as well as a weekly deep back massage have alleviated my symptoms to a manageable state. Its still a long road after years of stress and bad posture. Hope these post help someone..

I have the same symptoms. I have been diagnosed with POTS SYNDROME. Many doctors do not know about it. It mimics anxiety so most doctors think its "all in your head," meanwhile it is a very real disease!!

Hi, can I ask you what your exact symptoms were? I think I've got POTS, my dr hasn't heard of it. My main symptom is constantly lightheaded unless I'm laying down everything is an effort, I feel like I'm just in bed all day it's that bad, can't walk around too much either.

I am mainly in bed all day also which is so depressing and frustrating. I am lightheaded all day, every day. I am also very fatigue, woozy, off balance, have heart palpitations and shortness of breath sometimes, low blood pressure, brain fog, difficulty walking around or standing, sensitivity to noise and light. Most doctors have no idea what POTs syndrome is - it was discovered at the mayo clinic. POTs can cause tons of strange symptoms. Below is a link with more info:


Did you ever find out what is is and if you got through it and head is better now?

Hi, how are u feeling? I'm so sorry to hear how u feel. Have you had any answers? I only as because I'm feeling the same way as you!

I also get flush feelings and I start with a strange fuzzy feeling, I think I can pinpoint it to behind my eyes to start. (Like a split second). I've had antibiotics which cleared it all for a couple of weeks then it comes back. It's not because of anxiety!! Xx

Did you ever figure out what was causing yours. It get the flush feelings too


Look into Vitamin D Deficiency



M 29 years old in 2000 on new year eve I drank a lot. Next morning I had a bad headache. Afternoon I stated to feel good but I had light head.

Ever since till today m living with it. I been to brain specialist, ent, checked every single part of my body no abnormalities except I have bad sinuses. Now I lived 13 years with this light headed issue.

Been treated for depression and anxiety for few years nothing made a difference. Please let me know if you feeling better now. Because m so sick of living like this. Over the period of time I forgot about te actual feeling it seems everything fake around me. Please leave some suggestions

crest74 in reply to Banwait

Mine happened too after alcohol! After the initial hangover I was left with this feeling that lasted two weeks as I ignored it and it went away. I drank again and it came back but a bit worse! I've now had to go on anti depressants for the qmxiety it has caused. So is it anxiety or something else! I don't know. But it did go away when I ignored it the first time.

Worriedwell.......I was just wondering if you are feeling any better since your posts? I am having these same symptoms you described but I don't feel a bit anxious? A little depressed because I don't feel like doing anything because I feel so bad on a regular basis. I am having a hard time trying to make sense of all this. And like others I have been to several specialist and nothing seems to be showing up. Thanks for any input that comes back!!

Axmex in reply to busyme

Have you gotten any better? Please reply i'm dying these symptoms are killing me

I have been dealing with this for a lot of years it sounds like you may be having chemical sensitivity. My symptoms when exposed to any kind of perfume or laundry scent or so on. Is pressure in my head tingling and numbness in my face, tired but nervous fast thoughts and anger or emotional breakdown. Accompanied by major brain fog problems concentrating or a feeling of being confused. Also the more I research this it is lumped together as being chronic fatigue syndrome. Which is just an array of symptoms which include chemical sensitivity, food allergies, tired and sometimes sore. I would find yourself a naturalpath doctor if you can and look up MCS ( multiple chemical sensitivity) a lot of people that have symptoms like this can also have thyroid issues and auto immune. I hope this information was helpful also check out the body ecology diet to check into gut health

I get this feeling almost vertigo like feeling isn't it it's the doom getting us don't waste any more money if a cr scan is fine then your fine I hate anxiety its ruins my life everytime I get a weird feeling and pain I always no it's doffrent this time and stuff like that but if u start to write it down ul see u always come through it just put ur mind at ease knowing thers others out there with the feeling to

I'm sorry i cant offer any advice. But i too suffer with the pressure thing and the strange feeling that just doesnt seem to go away. Its like it uses extra energy just to hold my head up. Please let me know if you hear a miraculous cure before i do lol x

U shud have ur vit d level checked..ur iron level too. And believe it or not herd does play a role In these symptoms.. Its not just heart burn. Check with ur ent doc..may have to do endoscopy.. Where they put camera down ur throat and take biopsy. I had similar symptoms. All at diff time..but pretty much sumed up reasons. Hope this helped. Hope ur feeling better.

Do you think someone who is a super outdoorsy person that has been outside almost everyday could be facing these symptoms if they haven't been outside in a while now? I always go outdoors but I've been taking care of my sister after her knee surgery and haven't really been able to get out and I was thinking I could have a vitamin d deficiency because I love being in the sun and haven't been..

Hi did you figure out what is was in the end. I have the same issues for nearly 5 mo the now and no doctor can tell me what it is Amy many thanks in advance.

OK so this has been going on for me for 8 years now. I initially had the bloodwork, various GP's, ENT's, scan of sinuses (CAT I think?). I too got told 'it's just anxiety' but at the time was perfectly happy and still am! (Despite the ongoing symptoms including nerve/joint pain). It's a pressure feeling without and blocked nose or anything. Ears also muffled and sometimes seems better than others. Hard to concentrate, blurry vision etc.

Anyway I didn't want anti-depressants or anything like that because I feel fine in myself, only get anxious as a result of these symptoms! I've scoured forums from time to time but tried not to dwell on it in case the docs were right and I made it worse with worry. Anyway I'm in a better place mentally than I've ever been and yet the symptoms persist. Time to get to the bottom of this as I've ignored it for so long hoping it would just fade away.

I did some searching for 'inflammation' (as that's generally what it feels like) and there's a ton a research and forums talking about food intolerance (mainly gluten/wheat). I never even considered something like that to be a potential cause.

Anyway I'm only on day 2 being gluten free and it may amount to nothing. I just thought I'd post it for anyone who's been through the GP route and got nowhere. Google it! It's definitely worth a shot! Not much to lose for trying it.

Will post progress - if any. If it doesn't help me maybe it will help someone else.

Good luck people because this sucks! (Plus people just look at you like you're an idiot when you tell them the symptoms...grrrr!).


Hi Tim - really sorry to hear about your illness - I've had a similar thing for 18 months now. Did changing diet help at all? I've been advised to go dairy free, cut down on refined sugar and fried foods too.

Thera in reply to timtheturtle

Please pm me if you are still active on here. I have had this for 3 years. I am 27 and I am determined to cure this. I hope to hear from you. -Thera

I Really feel for you feeling light headed is a nightmare for me they tell me it is Anxiety so have put me on prozac which makes me feel a little dizzy i have just started on them so i will wait and see X

Could be just blood pooling. Too much caffeine. Sitting, standing? transition to stand.

If so get Leg support stockings. Recovery is faster.


Sorry to hear you're feeling the same! It turns out it's a combination of two things for me, Anxiety and allergies. Anxiety is causing problems such as shakiness, joint pain, aches, tiredness. When your body is in fight/flight mode for prolonged periods it's exhausting because of the physiological response (even if you don't realize it). RE the dizziness your breathing has a lot to do with it and lack of oxygen to the brain (or too much) - Google it :)

I demanded however to go back to an ENT and he found a swelling in my sinuses that could be causing or at least attributing to my foggy head. Will post results! I would advise doing a couple of CBT sessions with a therapist too and just note how you feel afterwards. Good luck - let us know how the prozac works!

Hi I know this is an old post but please get back to me if you are still receiving emails. I have had this same thing for 3 years now. I am 27 and need answers. Seen lots of doctors but nothing yet. Let me know if you are still dealing with this or if and how it had went away.


OMG. I know this is an old thread but I had to double check to make sure I didn't actually write it and then forgot about it. I have literally had the same exact experiences and been told all the same things with no relief. ENT specialist, Orthodontist, 2 chiropractors, neurologist, 2 different cardiologist, a trip to the ER, had a wisdom tooth removed, and prob 6 trips to my primary for sinus problems (which ironically started promptly after I started a highly demanding/high stress job). After all that, I feel more crappy than ever, and still nothing. Tests always come back good, MRI was clear and blood work has all been perfect. I just don't get it.

So I also have this issue and have for over a year I have always had some form of anxiety all my life but in my opinion (could be wrong) I don't believe it's anxiety I think there is an underlining cause to this. I have had plenty of physician visits and er visits over this I have went the therapy and anxiety med route I was put on Paxil then Prozac the list goes on I'll stop there I was then told I had vertigo and was put on meclizine that also did nothing I feel this way within about 30 minutes of waking up until I go to bed I tend to have blurred vision because of this light headed and dizzy constant spacey feeling hard to concentrate . I have been living in a nightmare for over a year and lost a lot because of it and still have no answers I've tried to research and things like thyroid problem and fibromyalgia come up I'm not sure I also know like you anxiety comes with this but if everyone felt like this they'd have anxiety to hope you have better luck then me!!

alamotte in reply to Moore2414

I just stumbled upon this board. I've been suffering from this off and on for the past 4 years. It comes and goes, except for the past couple of weeks. It's gotten bad enough that it has actually begun to effect my daily life. It's fine when I am sitting down or laying down. Sometimes when I am sitting up I have to lay down because it's bad. I tried to ride somewhere with my fiance the other day and I couldn't do it because it made me feel sick. I do not have health insurance and my local health department isn't taking new patients, so, I am having to find ways to deal with it. If anyone has a cure or at least to where it doesn't effect my driving or riding I would appreciate it!

Hello everyone. I've ben suffering these symptoms since last month. I can feel the pressure all around My scalp, without pain most of the time. And most of the time I feel lightheaded. I am a uni student and i cant even think my school, exams, homework. My CT, blood results are clear as well. Today i will try magnesium supply. Will share results later. By the way i have diarrhea for a long time.

I had the same problems until my doctor did a thyroid panel and a scan. The level was saying that my thyroid was normal, but the scan was saying that I had Hashimoto"s Disease with 5 nodules. Have your doctor do this test. It really saved my life. The thyroid controls the brain and the brain controls the body. Without this hormone your body is throne off balance and you start having all those symptoms. It has taken them over 25 years to find out that it has been my thyroid all along. Please have your doctor check your. It can really harm you if left without treatment to long. It almost did it to me. I really hope this helps you.


Has anyone had a Lyme disease test? A lot of these symptoms sound like symptoms I suffer from and I have Chronic Lyme (no known tick bite), Bartonella, Epstein Barr Virus and Mycoplasma from when I was exposed to mold. 

If nothing else checks out, it might be worth looking into. Lyme causes systematic inflammation as well as inflation in the brain. It won't show up on an MRI I doubt without contrast. Mine never did anyway. 

Could it be vertigo???

Anyone has gotten anybetter? Please help! I'm dying because of these symptoms. Please try to reach me on twitter @ahmedaldrubi or snapchat @axmex because i might forget checking this agian. Please help

now1970 in reply to Axmex

Stumbled upon this post while searching for answers to help resolve the symptoms we all seem to share in this post. I've seen all the Docs. had all the tests (except the thyroid panel/scan) which proved negative. Maybe the throid tests will ID the condition, hope so. If anyone knows of a research group or support group, please post or Iet me know.


I been through all you been and I hate it I don't feel like my self .

I allready went through anxiety attacks and the Doctor said it was all in my mind, I started going out of network and doing more extensive tests and I found out I got thyroid cancer, that can cause depression, anxiety, headaches,etc...went back to my Dr. And throw it at his desk, I'm not lazy I got cancer.

I think we should all know our body, and its telling us that there is something wrong, just need to find the right exam,test or Doctor to find the root of the problem.

What test did you do to find out you had thyroid cancer? This happened to my psychologist too, and I have multinodular goiter so am wondering....my levels are normal. Sometimes One if them will be off and they retest and it’s back to normal. I’ve had the iodine reputable scan normal and ultrasound and biopsy of nodules twice because of increasing size and normal, my psychologist had everything normal and all of a sudden had anxiety etc and they did an extreme route to see and well she had thyroid cancer.

It could be fungal infection. Please google about these symptoms. It may not be anxiety.

Likeabadstorm in reply to pari22

Do you have to have a LP to test for fungus or is there a blood test one can do!

I feel like that all the time....................pfff

Hi there

I have been feeling this way for 2 years. I know it's not anxiety but it has made my anxiety worse when it comes on...it's a feeling of not knowing what is going on....i find that it was coming on from a tooth infection plus sinus infection...treated both and the feeling went away it's back but neck goes hot and a feeling I need tk lay down. Hope this helps...

Hi my mum had just started getting woosy feeling and she was told she could have (the spelling is wronge) she could have Menaears desiese which is an infection in the in a ear . Which can make u woosy. She has just come out of hospital but still feels unwell. It made her heart race and she has a stent to get heard so we took no chances in getting her help. But menaear desise was the only thing the paramedic could come up with . It can also cause anxiety as well. But we will have to see what happends .......

hi,i have the very same feelings,it only happens me if i look up just using my eyes and not lifting my head as well,it can last for weeks

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