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Can't. Bealeave that I'm having lots of Anxioty today struggled yesterday up and down stairs because of no sleep on Xmas eve

I've been feeling bad very dizzy and anxious started yeasterday after a bad nights sleep felt stressed and dizzy thought I was going to end up in bed but I found a second wind I cooked the dinner and it was lovely but feel I've spoiled my family's day

Today I'm feeling the same the anxioty is there I'm trying to help myself I've been for a walk up a hill t I try and burn it off but it's still there ( gyms closed ) I hope this is just a blip this time last year I had a breakdown and can't help feel that it's the fear of it causing my anxioty or it could be that I'm burning out after all the rush in any case could do with your support guys ( think I will try a relaxation )

Happy Chritmas sorry that I'm moaning feel I have been doing so well up tell yeasterday

I've also decided that we are not doing anymore big Xmas shows going to move it back a week as we'll think this will be less stressfull

Hate those nasty tummy feelings and those hot rushes coming and going

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Hi Stu.

Sorry to hear you were off it a bit, but you did manage to get through the day all right. Now you can relax and get back to normal !!!!!!

take care. Kenny


Trying to I've not crumbed yet and I hope I do not, the gym will be open for a few hours tomz so in going there defo !

Today feel dizzy and feels like I'm in for panic but let's hoe no more of that breath in for 5 out for 7 as we say


Hi Stu

I am sorry your anxiety wasn't very good yesterday but I am sure you didn't spoil the day for everyone as they must have really appreciated the lovely Christmas dinner you made them & remember they love you unconditionally

I hope you have managed to relax today & are feeling better now :-)





No it's been a hard few days been having panic attacks u can get them when you have been under lots of stress like I have been for about 5 weeks I'm not feeling good this eve as well I've worked so hard trying to make things perfect mabye to hard now I'm paying for it

I'm going to the gym tomz to try and burn thus anxioty away whywhy and think I will read my book and get myself better xx

Thanks for reply mate but feeling a bit low to be honest

Stu x


Oh Stu I am sure this has been brought on by all the stress & pressure you were under before Christmas

Take it easy now & have a rest , I am sure it will be a bleep & it will come good again , this is your bodies way of asking you to slow down a bit



Yes I've realised this today made head was full of the show this morning omg so I kept saying to myself the show is now in the past it's over and you did an great job over and over again ink my head has got the massage now lol hope I feel better today not so good yesterday havering little panics but breathed threw thanks whywhy


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