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Stupid power cut and news on my rash!

The Panto sadly didn't happen yesterday, we arrived for it and the theatre had a power cut! We waited till 4pm and well show was called off, which was a deep shame. I was looking forward to Dad voice of the giant, he's scary so I've been told! I was asked to help and tell people (due to job at the New Theatre) and my anxiety really kicked in then. I hid behind my Dad as someone from the drama group spoke, I didn't fancy being booed at !

Anyway I am off to see my doctor again tomorrow, they will charge me rent soon. I have spoken about about my rash on my back, it only happens in winter. It seems a rash doctor (not sure that's the right term for him) will be there on Monday morning and my lovely doctor had told him about me. I've seen people who told me it's normal, nothing is going to kill me but this doctor wants to see it for himself.

Also today I need a new hot water bottle, my other one had a leak in it and I can't sleep without one! And I need to wrap up gifts too!

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Hi CardiffGirl

I can imagine how disappointed you must have felt when the panto got cancelled & to be honest I don't blame you for hiding behind you Dad , I don't think I would have liked the thought of the crowd booing me either !!!

Maybe there might be a chance they will put the show on at a later date ?

Sounds like you have a good GP if he is having your rash checked out for you , let us no how you go on

Hope you get all your presents wrapped :-)





Hello Cardiff.

What a pity your panto was cancelled, is it being re-scheduled for another day. I hope its good news from the rash doctor ( dermatologist ) . I thought hot water bottles were a thing of the past lol :) but everyone to their own.

take care Kenny xxxx


Finally saw the Panto last night. It was great and Dad made a scary giant's voice, little kids cried! Bless them. This morning off to the doctor, I will ask him to check ears while I'm there. I think the dermatologist (thanks for the proper term Kenny-w) will be with my doctor is that's good.


Hi Cardiff.

I'm glad you got to see the panto, keep us posted on what the docs say.

Kenny :) xx



So glad you got to see the panto ,sounds like your Dad was very good :-)

Good luck with the dermatologist appointment !



The Dermatologist appointment went well. This rash only comes when it's winter, he seems to think it's just a cold winter rash. I've had it for 5 years now but it don't hurt, itch or spread. The doctor took some photos and also had the info from my last appointment with the hospital here about my rash. He will look into why this happens in the new year but feels it's something I will have forever. I did ask could be something with anxiety but he's sure it's nothing to do with that, so that's good.


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