For Winter12 and any other Harry Potter fan!

For Winter12 and any other Harry Potter fan!

You wouldn't think I was 33 years old but this moment was brilliant. On my last morning in London, me and my Brother had to go to King's Cross. As we left the train, he said oh come over here and have a look. There was Platform 9 3/4 which is used in Harry Potter films, they have a trolley going into a wall with a bird cage and some books on it (I think so anyway lol).

They also got a little shop to spend endless cash in it lol. I had to have my photo taken so I stood in line, picked the Gryffindor scarf and had my little moment of going into the wall and onto Hogwarts. I was so happy. I know it's only a trolley and a wall but for a Harry Potter fan it's heaven on a plate! I also got myself a golden ticket to 'travel' on Hogwarts Express haha.

So this photo is of little old me having fun on my last day of London!


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6 Replies

  • That is a fantastic photo, I love it and you look really happy! Well done for enjoying yourself and getting throughout the weekend

    Take care x

  • Hi Winter12 I was so happy during this moment. I remember skipping away once the photo was taken lol. This moment has been ticked off my bucket list haha. It also helped me with this bloody anxiety so that's also great

  • Hi

    How cool, would love to do this too. Sounds like you had a good time in London, hope your cold didn't get in the way

    Jules x

  • Oh that looks really cool, did not know you could do that photo - I'll have to take my dad (59 and HP mad ;) ) a choice of scarf? I'd choose Ravenclaw :D

    sam xx

  • If you only want to take a photo on your phone/camera it's fine but it's £8 for a photo. There's a man dressed as Snape who has all the scarfs around his neck and asks which one you want lol It's brilliant fun

  • Hi Cardiffgirl , looks like you had a really good time, and you look very happy. good for you. I love the picture. :)



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