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Xmas is around the corner.. Where did the year go?!! lol

This year went by so fast, when i think about it, it drives me nuts lol.. I feel like so much has changed but at the same time, nothing has changed.. Seeing as last year i didn't have anxiety.. We'e all had our share of ups and downs.. How quickly life can turn around, in an instant.

I also decorated my huge house yesterday.. It was so crazy coz all the decorations were tangled and lost and blah blah blah! When i was done wrapping the lights&ribbon& garland up the staircase, felt a little weird so i needed to sit down & breathe & not get worked up, maybe i was going to fast? Lol

Well not the whole inside is decorated! I love it! But now the outside has to be done and I am so stoked :) hehe

I've been planning xmas presents and ahh I'm gona bake a lot of yummy treats lol

What are your guyses plans? :)

-Vic xoxoxo

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Hi Vic.

If you think the years go by quickly now, wait until your a bit older you only have to blink and its Easter I don't know about the USA but here they start advertising summer holidays on Boxing day. I bet your house looks beautiful, we will start next week as there is only the two of us we don't really go overboard but it is still nice.

Take care Kenny xxx


One of these years, i wan't spend Xmas in Europe..

I haven't been to Europe for 5 years!


i feel really lucky because my son is coming home for a week. we'll meet up with my sister and her family on 27th with no now ex brother in law yes!!

nO BIG DECORATors but have got a while wicker work tree with inbuilt lights which I'll probably put up this week some time. could probably do with some kind of card holder for all the cards and the srtring keeps falling off the doors.

First Xmas party next friday with colleagues from ex work and we're doing a Secret Santa their having to post my name. LOL!

Going to London on Sat and hopefully go to the theatre and perhaps a bit of shopping. Going with a friend so should be a good laugh.



I love the theatre! Sounds like you're going to have a bloody fun time :)

I haven't been to London for 5 years! I love Europe though..


Got our tree today and made a start decorating it:) putting up the rest tomorrow.

This year has gone quick!

We are going to my mum in laws for Christmas, my brothers on Boxing Day and father in law on 27th. Have a good day :) x


You have a good day too :) i'm getting our tree today!


I have no living relatives that Im still in touch with, so I always `have a nice quiet Christmas on my own in front of the telly. I much prefer it that way because I`d hate to have to rush around the shops looking for presents for people, & worrying that they won`t like my choice. I don`t have to worry about getting into debt trying to make everything nice for the family with expensive presents & decorations & food. I enjoy the peace & quiet.


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