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Need to get over this health anxiety, same eye intermittently quivering for 6 plus weeks

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Making my self so nervous , I've been to eye doctor, and family doctor and they say it's just a muscle quiver , but it is still going on , I have dry eyes and stress which could do it, so I of course made an appt. to the neurologist, I'm afraid they may find something different. My dad was about this age when they found a brain tumor , I told my docs this but they said I have no other signs. How do I get over this insanity thinking everything is wrong with me?

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But every time there is never anything worrying found. You are your own worst enemy.

This sounds like a muscle tic and these can persist for many weeks, but do resolve and certainly have no relation to brain tumours

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Lynl in reply to Goldfish_

Thank you for your response and I hope that's what the neuro Doctor thinks too. Then I'm looking in the mirror this morning and it may sound nuts to you, but to the left side of my nose near my cheek I feel a little thickness and a wrinkle and not so much on the other side to match so I'm thinking face tumor. It's not even real noticeable, but everything I feel that dosent seem right I get that fear feeling.

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Goldfish_ in reply to Lynl

So you need to accept you will always get your diagnosis wrong as you have health anxiety

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Hi Lynl

Take it easy and try to relax you have seen the experts and they have reassured you that all is ok..

I have a few questions and ideas

do you spend hours on your phone , PC, Mac ?

Checking what's going on scrolling down hours every day?

You're not the only one but it can give you eye strain & stress..

Take my advice, put it down for a while, relax with a book or do some art , music go out for a walk and breathe the air and tell yourself you are doing just fine...

I had something similar ~ down to too much screen time we were not made to sit in front of screens

it will pass if you let it ...

Good luck and relax

Hi Lynl, the more we feed into our symptoms, the longer it hangs around. I had muscle quiver in my right eye at one time while weaning off my pills. I took it as a sign that my body was readjusting to the stress. I didn't worry. Other than a little annoying it went away on it's own. We are human, we are not machines. Our bodies will give us symptoms from time to time that may not be explainable. What it does show us is that we are alive. We must stop thinking that every little quirky pain we get is something horrific. Most things are just part of the life cycle. Take a deep breathe and enjoy your day.

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Lynl in reply to Agora1

I've also been getting a little tingle on side of nose, and obsessing as I wait in the neuro office now for the doc . I'm so afraid he is going to do an MRI. I hope this is just normal

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Lynl in reply to Lynl

The intern showed me my MRI from 5 years ago on brain that was normal because I was nervous about something else then

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Agora1 in reply to Lynl

Lynl, I with you in support right now. Good Luck with the neuro doctor.

Let us know how you do. x

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Lynl in reply to Agora1

Just got home and neuro Doctor said he doesn't think it's anything serious and to take my citalopram and he thinks it will eventually resolve itself. However he knows how nervous I am Snd said , we could do 1 of 2 things, first is nothing and let it go away , or do a brain MRI to let me know for sure. So that led me to think that if I have an MRI , he thinks somethings wrong and I asked him, if he's suggesting it because he thinks I need it and he said no . So I said this would just be for my peace of mind? And he said yes. So I'm not doing it because I asked him a million times if he thought it was a brain tumor and he said no. He did say come back if it dosent go away in a month or so.

He wouldn't let me go if he thought something was possibly wrong would he? Or wait another month? Then why say come back if it dosent go away. ? I feel like I'm on another waiting game. How do I shake it, and believe him?

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Agora1 in reply to Lynl

Lynl, a neurologist is an expert with brain issues. He would not have let you go if he thought something was wrong. Don't forget, he sees patients everyday and no red flags went up with your concern. The reason he said to come back in a month if it didn't go away is more a formality. I'm sure he feels it will be gone as soon as you accept there is nothing wrong. I totally understand that it probably would have been better, for your sake, to just dismiss your case as "Nothing wrong". Like you and all of us, we take in every word that the doctor says and question it over and over. Maybe he meant this or that and so you feel you are in another waiting game.

Tell yourself today over and over that you ACCEPT the doctor's diagnosis that it is nothing and will go away. You are going to have to stop the negative thoughts when they come through with the "what ifs". You got a good clean bill of health from an expert.

Now you need to get on with your day. We're here if you need support. Thank you for the update. x

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Lynl in reply to Agora1

I really appreciate the time you take to respond and I'm going to try to take your and the doctors advice. I feel that I lead the doctor into telling me what he thinks I want to hear, because I did tell him I didn't want to have to take an MRI. But he would have pushed for it if he thought i needed it , I guess. He did say it's the only thing that would put an end to the what if. But also said he does not think its that at all . So I guess I will let go and let God. God and I had a long talk on the way home. I told him I can't stand to worry like this etc.... And I'm praying he takes this OCD away. I am so thankful for you and everyone on this support site that I can count on. Thank you for responding so fast.

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Agora1 in reply to Lynl

That's very kind of you Lynl. I think you have a good plan in letting go and let God. Between God and the wonderful people on this forum, you will have all the support you need. Take care and breathe... x

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