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Anybody else had this?

Hi every1,hope all ok.just quick question really....I'm going up to Wales this weekend to see my boyfriends family his Nan 70th.anyway yesterday afternoon I had slight funny tummy and today really sore hips and lower back ache,with a floaty feeling in my tummy.i haven't been up to Wales since I have suffered from anxiety which is bang on a year.I'm not sure if it is linked and I'm actually quite nervous going there as it's out my comfort zone.and with out realising my body has reacted like this.?? Thanks x

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Hi porgie

I no a lot of us suffer with IBS & upset stomachs due to anxiety

Also we suffer from indigestion as well

All of these gives the symptoms you describe including pains in your hips as I have had it myself

Do you feel this has just happened since you have felt anxious about going to Wales ?

If so it no doubt is anxiety

If you continue to suffer it would be worth seeing your GP which will give you peace of mind & maybe they could give you something to help

Does your BF no about how you are feeling , it would be a good idea to talk to him & have his support

Let us no how you go on





Hi whywhy,thank you for your reply.i remember having this maybe twice before,I was fine yesterday morning and then in the afternoon and today feel not ill just Abit rubbish.its a little reassuring that you have had something similar specially the hip/lower back discomfort.Yes my boyfriend is being great and looking after me.maybe when I get to Wales it will ease off or when I just stop hope ur well whywhy?!xxx



I am not a doctor but as I have had the same & when I had it in my hips & was told it was IBS & even indigestion I thought how can that be as it was so painful , sometimes I couldnt walk it felt so bad , but it was , due to anxiety but when I started to trust my GP that she was right I dont get it as much any more

Also have you noticed certain foods may make it worse as again when we suffer with stomach problems I have noticed over the years that if I eat certain things I could be in for some pain after , maybe that is something you can observe & if so avoid those foods

I am sure it will settle but after you have been away , if you are still getting it like I said just have a chat with your GP as they helped me so much to help control it

Hope you will let us no how you get on when you get back & that once you are there you have a lovely time :-)



Hey there,

I use to suffer with funny tummys and lower back problems and yes it can be down to anxiety . But as why says, get yourself checked out.

Have a lovely time in Wales :) xx


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