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Evening all

Hi I go to a writer's group on Thursday afternoons and I have to write around 500/600 words for tomorrow. As usual I am getting stuck and anxious because I hate targets! Would appreciate some advice please.

I am going to write a poem - it has to include (don't laugh) Blue drawers (the ones you wear), red socks and stamps. The theme is going to be a wedding and the only thing new to wear is red socks. The bride resents that and kicks off. Going to be a humorous poem. Need some snappy lines - give you an example of what I have written.

I know whats new just had a pressie

And he proceeded to open the box

I stamped my foot and screamed

I'm not getting married in red socks!

Get your thinking caps on please.

bev xx

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My pants are blue, thats bad enough

i feel i want to cry

i really hate those stupid socks

whose idea was it to buy?

hard one xx no good at poems sorry xx


I know whats new I've just had a pressie,

Dad proceeded to open the box,

I stamped my foot and screamed, shouted,

What fool has sent me red socks.

Where is he. What room I really need to know,

They belong to him he should wear them

I really need blue

Take them 'Why has someone sent me red socks'

Bev, sorry one or two changes can you work with that.



Mmm some good ideas there folks thank you for them. Bev x


I have red socks

don't know what to do

I told my friend

Blue pants would do.

I stamp around

for all to see

and do you know what

the red socks suit me.

Needs a lot of work I know, but made me laugh. gardener x


Lol gardener thank you. :)

Bev x


Sorry Bev,

have you got eyes of blue?


Depends on whether I have had a drink or not. Sometimes they are red :d

Bev x


Dear Bev,

I have tried and come up with this.

A wedding with red and blue

Is not something for me and you

Lets kick up a fuss and take the bus

A rethink of the dresscode is due.


Marcus xxx


Very good Marcus. It made me chuckle! :)

Bev x


Dear Bev,

Thank you very much.

big hugs,

Marcus xxx


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