Evening all

Hi I go to a writer's group on Thursday afternoons and I have to write around 500/600 words for tomorrow. As usual I am getting stuck and anxious because I hate targets! Would appreciate some advice please.

I am going to write a poem - it has to include (don't laugh) Blue drawers (the ones you wear), red socks and stamps. The theme is going to be a wedding and the only thing new to wear is red socks. The bride resents that and kicks off. Going to be a humorous poem. Need some snappy lines - give you an example of what I have written.

I know whats new just had a pressie

And he proceeded to open the box

I stamped my foot and screamed

I'm not getting married in red socks!

Get your thinking caps on please.

bev xx

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  • My pants are blue, thats bad enough

    i feel i want to cry

    i really hate those stupid socks

    whose idea was it to buy?

    hard one xx no good at poems sorry xx

  • I know whats new I've just had a pressie,

    Dad proceeded to open the box,

    I stamped my foot and screamed, shouted,

    What fool has sent me red socks.

    Where is he. What room I really need to know,

    They belong to him he should wear them

    I really need blue

    Take them 'Why has someone sent me red socks'

    Bev, sorry one or two changes can you work with that.


  • Mmm some good ideas there folks thank you for them. Bev x

  • I have red socks

    don't know what to do

    I told my friend

    Blue pants would do.

    I stamp around

    for all to see

    and do you know what

    the red socks suit me.

    Needs a lot of work I know, but made me laugh. gardener x

  • Lol gardener thank you. :)

    Bev x

  • Sorry Bev,

    have you got eyes of blue?

  • Depends on whether I have had a drink or not. Sometimes they are red :d

    Bev x

  • Dear Bev,

    I have tried and come up with this.

    A wedding with red and blue

    Is not something for me and you

    Lets kick up a fuss and take the bus

    A rethink of the dresscode is due.


    Marcus xxx

  • Very good Marcus. It made me chuckle! :)

    Bev x

  • Dear Bev,

    Thank you very much.

    big hugs,

    Marcus xxx

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