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I'm coming to the end of my mindfulness course and though the formal meditation has benefitted me I'm still struggling with negative thoughts and overwhelming feelings that I can't cope. Yet I am coping, going to work, looking after my family and 9 month old puppy, I think I'm getting to grips with it and then my anxiety just creeps back in there. I find it hard to believe that my thoughts aren't facts.

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Hi There,

I have put down for a mindfulness class and am looking forward to it.

You are doing really well, working, looking after family and a new puppy. you should be so pleased with yourself.

I know what you mean about thought's aren't facts, I have been reading a mindfulness book and that is hard for me to get to grips with. Maybe when I start the course it will make more sense.



Thanks gardenertwo. It's a hard concept to get to grips with and I suppose habitual fearful thinking over 20 years or so is not gonna disappear overnight. It's a matter of changing my relationship to it and not getting drawn into it. I have noticed that in quiet moments I can now feel my breath which is weird cos I've been breathing all along but haven't noticed.



Good to hear the mindfulness course has had some benefits. You're right that 2 decades of fearful thinking won't change overnight, not even with a mindfulness course, but at least you now have the tools to teach you to focus on other things when you feel negative thoughts and overwhelming feelings start to engulf you. Don't lose hope, just keep practising what you've learnt, and soon you'll find that the episodes of anxiety get fewer and fewer and far between.

Good luck.


Hi compassionate I've finished my CBT and although I am feeling better I am not 100%. I think you have got to say, am I at a point where I can cope with life and start living. I don't believe, please correct me if you feel different, that all these therapies won't give you a complete cure just help with coping skills. Good luck. You have done really well to get where you are. I think we all under estimate how hard we work to get a result. Take care


Thanks for your replies. I must admit I am proud of myself for actually making the time to practice meditation. It's all about being kind to yourself which is another hard concept to get to grips with lol!


Know what you mean about being kind to yourself - I do a slight wobble at the idea of wishing that I can be happy which is part of one of the meditations I have on CD :)

Just keep going - not a question of fighting against the thoughts but of learning to accept that they are just thoughts - not right - not wrong - just thoughts and when they come you don't have to follow that train of thought you can decide to go with another train of thought - look around you and just find something of comfort in where you are now.

You could see if there are any buddhist meditation groups that meet in your area - as the meditations will also be grounded in mindfulness because sometimes it is nice to meditate with other people around.

And if you want a scientific perception on 'facts' - there's a lot of subjectivity in those as well :)


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