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Constant anxiety for 15 gets annoying

Hello to all:

New to this site, I have suffered of anxiety for most of my life...have seen several drs and nothing has been found...always the same answer...anxiety and meniere's disorder.

My main symptom and the one that triggers many others is dizziness, than all hit me at once, vertigo, hard to focus, racing thoughts, ears pop non stop, neck cracks like crazy..,it gets overwhelming ans unbearable at times ;(

Used to take antidepressants for years and replaced them with exercise a year worked until a month ago when anxiety cameback to play games with me...,once again, the dizziness is my biggest enemy and stops me of living a normal happy life ....

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Have you ever heard of a book called The Healing Code? I just bought it today after someone on thisnsite referenced it. It was 6 dollars on Google Play Store. Anyway I am about 8 chapters in and let me tell you I AM BLOWN AWAY and for the first time in a long time I feel like I can have my life back.

I too have suffered for years I don't even remember what it is like to be anxiety or panic free. I watch everyone around me relax,..or I see peoples posts on Facebook, especially today, all the people who went to the lake or the beach and had family gatherings...things that are so simple, people don't give it a second thought. Jusy jump in the car, do whatever they want. I have to prepare for hours before I go anywhere.. I always have to have the stroller or the grocery cart to hold onto because I feel soo dizzy I can't even imagine how I'll make it through the shopping trip. I am fed up with living this way.. I know God didn't create me to suffer..there has to be a reason this is happening, we can't just accept that we are helpless. I think this book is on to something. I bearly started reading today.. but if this works .. I will personally buy every single person on the site a copy of it.

Don't give up Endless.. don't stop fighting... don't ever give up hope and long as there is breath in our lungs, we have a reason to hope.

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Thank you thank you so much for your reply...and yes, i feel the exact same way, its funny how much i relate with your comment about leaning on a cart when you are shopping...indeed, it is so difficult and hard for other people to understand that the easiest task becomes extremelly difficult when you always feel dizzy....i wish you the best on your fight and i will look into the book.

Blessings to you.


I completely relate to your situation. It's the dizziness that is my main symptom. It affects all aspects of my life. I can't go ice skating, salsa dancing. Even taking dogs for a walk is difficult. Doctors wont send me for futher tests because they say I don't present other symptoms other than anxiety. I do think it's tension from neck and shoulders affecting balance mechanism. When my balance goes off - probably because of some anxious thoughts bringing tension to neck/jaw - I then tense my legs, tension goes up my back, then more tension in neck! It's vicious cycle. I have been re-reading Dr Claire Weekes' books. She nails it. It's fear of fear. Secondary fear from symptoms causing ongoing anxiety. I am hoping to practice some mindfull meditation. Being in the present. Hope this helps.

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You nailed neck bothers me all the time, and that self induced cracking creates more dizziness, and its weird how brain works...i get courage and say to myself everything is ok and it is for a few minutes, then i let go off the courage and get dizzy again...

Not to mention that i am well known for laying down on the floor during family is so ridiculous i know it, but even dining on the table get very unconfortable at times so i rush my eatung and lay down always on my left side...

One thing i know ....i am not the only person dealing with this so, stay strong...this thing wont defeat us....blessings to you.


Strange, I only lie on my right side, had a bad episode of vertigo some years ago turning over during the night, won't lie on that side now. I'm just home from a friend's birthday party. I don't socialise much these days but made the effort tonight. My head is reeling after non stop chat with folks I hadn't seen for some time, then the drive home used more brain focus. Stay positive. We'll get there!

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